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Get to know each other!

  • Get to know each other!
    September 10, 2011 - 5:41am

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    My name is Brenda and I have been a Dream Theater fan for about 3 years. My first album was Black Clouds and Silver Linings. My (stupid) ex BF showed me Dream Theater. I guess it was the only good thing that came out of that relationship lol.

    OK your turn!

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on September 10, 2011 - 5:41am

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My name is Brenda and I have been a Dream Theater fan for about 3 years. My first album was Black Clouds and Silver Linings. My (stupid) ex BF showed me Dream Theater. I guess it was the only good thing that came out of that relationship lol.

OK your turn!

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Holy Beard!

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@Sovereign Dream: Yeah dude, DT does blow some minds! I can't imagine the brain activity of a simple minded mainstreamo after hearing the complicated arrangements DT puts together! It's almost worthy of an experiment...

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Couldn't agree more! People need to open their music tastes!!

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@TuscanCountess: Well, nothing's wrong with Katy Perry. It's just annoying when some idolize her and other pop stars as music gods / goddesses.

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I liked some pop music and also like...90s alternative. What's wrong with Katy Perry??? LOL!

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@TuscanCountess: What type of music did you like before DT? 99% of the girls I know are into the whole katy perry, gaga, beiber mainstream autopilot craze and can't possibly imagine what they would be thinking if I ever were to tell them "Hey, listen to this!" and proceed to put some DT on for them. I feel like they would freak the hell out, haha.

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@TuscanCountess: haha thanks... I try

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Being a Floridian I was really into the local death metal scene, I saw Cynic preform in Clearwater in the early 90's. I was talking to Paul Masvidal prior to the show about guitar players and John Petrucci's name cropped up (Masvidal was a big fan of Images & Words). I was not familiar with him so checked out some Dream Theater under instruction from Masvidal, and have been a dedicated fan since.

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Oh're really cute!

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My name is Brenda and I have been a Dream Theater fan for about 3 years. My first album was Black Clouds and Silver Linings. My (stupid) ex BF showed me Dream Theater. I guess it was the only good thing that came out of that relationship lol.

OK your turn![/quote]

Wow - a good looking girl DT fan?! What the hell. That's NOT supposed to happen...

Anyways here's me. yup. yay.

It's a crap resolution photo, I know.


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[b]I'm Daniel[/b], I'm 26 y/o, and I was introduced to DT by my first band back when I was about 16. We started playing covers and realized that we weren't ever going to sound like DT (lol) and we kind of focused more on easier songs.

The first album they turned on to me was [b]Images and Words[/b], and I in my then musically uneducated mind said that I thought it sounded like Dungeons & Dragon-music and/or Hammerfall etc. It wasn't until I heard [b]Scenes From A Memory[/b] and [b]Overture 1928[/b] that I really understood I was on to something huge and life changing.

I guess the album that I fell in love with was [b]Scenes From A Memory[/b] and I moved on to [b]Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence[/b] since it was released around that time. I actually didn't really get in to the older records until 2005 and when [b]Octavarium[/b] was released. I've never been a fan of music that sounds old, and DT's albums made me at least try to change my opinion, which I did.

I guess I became a fan around the time when DT started to take a turn for the less proggy and more easy-to-sell-songs. I love all albums in their own way but seeing my heroes starting to turn more and more towards being a hit MTV metal band quite shook my world in a negative way. Up until [b]A Dramatic Turn Of Events[/b] and everything that has unfolded with [b]Mike Portnoy[/b], I've been really worried where their style was heading.
We can guess all we want and say that [b]Portnoy[/b] was the reason behind the band moving closer to mainstream, and this new album kind of shows that in a way. We won't really know for sure until the next album but I'm going to end this by saying that [b]A Dramatic Turn Of Events[/b] was the album that saved, but also brought back tons of fans.
[b]Dream Theater[/b] has once more become a [u]progressive rock/metal[/u] band after being a [u]technical metal band[/u] for at least 4 albums.

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I posted on the forum before it was cool

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BTW part of the idea here was that everyone posts pics!

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Gorgeous pic by the way. Most people could learn a valuable lesson about being photogenic from you since the average person will look far more attractive in a pic if they have a warm, relaxed smile like yours.[/quote]

AWWW!!! Thanks! You're too sweet.

No one else is gonna post a pic???

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Wow many interesting people. I think it's great how DT really brings people together from around the world.

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Hi, my names Chris, from the UK here, I'm 18 years old and I work as a chef! I first got into Dream Theater around the release of Octavarium, after hearing the title track I was hooked instantly and has become one of my favourite ever since. I'm the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist/keyboardist in my Progressive Rock/Post-Hardcore band 'Eyes of Existence' (thats where my username comes from), I'm also a thrill-seeker and when it comes to rollercoasters I'm a fully-fledged nerd (I love them!).

I'm 5'9 tall, dark medium-length messy hair, blue eyes, 9 stone something?... And I have a heart condition called SVT, in which I have no idea how it triggers, but it basically goes 200 BPM and pumps so much adrenaline into me I can run miles without losing breath. But eventually I'd die if I did, so pain stops it, like sharp pain. I'm screwed if it happens in an exam, I'd have to stab a pencil in my leg or something...

So yeah that's me briefly I suppose! Nice to meet you all, and welcome each and every one of you to the forum (seeing as we're pretty much all newbs) ;)

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Hey guys, my name is Robin (male :D), I'm from Germany and 20 years old.

I've been a Dream Theater fan since 2004, when my brother introduced me to Train of Thought. I immediately fell in love with DT and bought every album. My favorite album is Images and Words (my favorite song ever is Surrounded, I wished they would create a song like that again), followed closely by SDOIT. Back in 2004, I was a member of the old DT board which got closed (what was justified - nothing but hate going on there; I hope we can manage to make this place a little friendlier).

I kinda lost DT in the last few years, but I think now they're back in my life again. The new album is absolutely incredible and I'm positive that it will grow even more.

Cheers. :)

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Hey everyone, my name's Marios, I'm greek from Cyprus, been a Dream Theater fanatic for 4 years now. (Since 17 and I'm 21 now) The song that got me to love DT was Constant Motion. My fave album is Black Clouds and Silver Linings. I'm currently in uni, studying English Literature, I love writing, watching movies/series, learning about history, culture and medicine. If you want to chat, I have skype and MSN addies, ask for them and I will be glad to get to know other DT fans.

Peace. X

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Hey, I'm Mark, your webmaster. ;) I got into Dream Theater in 1989, loved "When Dream And Day Unite" to death and saw the band for the first time during the "Music In Progress" tour in 1993. I was a member of the "Ytsejam" mailinglist (there were no message boards yet), hung out in the #Ytsejam IRC channel every day and ran a Dream Theater fansite called "Under A Cyber Moon" that later became the official site you are looking at now. You can see photos of myself with the band on [url= Google+ page[/url].

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Hi, I've been heavily into DT since accidentally discovering Octavarium while browsing cds at an independent music store in 2005. I'm also now a huge fan of Mike Mangini. He's the beast!

I also love to travel and explore new places, food, friends, live theater, all kinds of music...everything from A-ha to Al Di Meola to Porcupine Tree, and I have this little cycling addiction...

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Hey everyone,

My name is none of your business :P. You can call me Soulfire :D. However I am 17 and live in Brisbane, Australia. Been into Dream Theater since about 2008, but my first album was Octavarium. TBH I was actually into LTE before DT lol! A friend of mine gave me LTE2, and I absolutely loved it. I heard that it was a side project for Dream Theater, bought Octavarium and fell in love with it instantly.

I'm finishing up Year 12 this year. I play keys, guitar, bass and drums and I compose quite a bit. Going to study composition at the Conservatorium next year.

Aside from DT I love all kinds of progressive music including Porcupine Tree, OSI, Transatlantic, Meshuggah, Animals as Leaders, ELP etc.

Great thread by the way :)



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Hi everyone, I'm Li Heng from Hong Kong

The very first DT song I got into was Hell's Kitchen sometime in 2004, after my friend showed me a live performance of it (Modern Drummer Festival 2003) and subsequently being really impressed with Mike Portnoy, I only really got into Dream Theater in late 2005 after listening to Octavarium (the album), I was at a critical juncture in my life at that point, many new changes and new beginnings, and through the "turbulence" this album spoke out to me and the rest is history. While DT is my favorite band overall, I'm also into many other forms of metal, e.g. Thrash, Death, Black, Folk etc, and some of my other favorite bands are Symphony X, Threshold, Metallica, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Ensiferum.

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DT fan since 2005, a few months before OV was released, but I was listenning SFAM. Since that time, it was 4 live shows: 2 in Sao Paulo (dec/2005 - Octavarium Tour - on the 2nd day they played the entire SFAM!!!!!!!), one in RIo de Janeiro (SC tour), and after, my dream realized - Madison Square Garden - 2010 (Iron Maiden opening act). As far I am a big big fan of Iron Maiden, I traveled almost 10.000 thousand miles just to see DT.

By now, counting the days for my 5th and 6th live shows: Morristown and NYC!!!!

Vacations scheduled, airplane and show tickets ok (meet and greet, of Rio de Janeiro to NYC!!!!!!

Btw, I´m a lawyer, and even my wife and 12 yo daughter are fans. Spirit Carries On is always playng on her car CD player...

Greetings from Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[quote=daveeroberts][quote=CrimsonSunriseDTF]I enjoy long walks on the beach and ...oh wait... wrong thread.... [/quote]

Yes, but do you like Pina Coladas?[/quote]

Of Course!!!!! :P

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Nevermind, already noticed the one I uploaded works :D

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Hi everyone :) My name is Ricardo and I'm 16 years old.

I became a Dream Theater fan in 2008. A friend of mine had fallen in love with the band's music because his stepfather showed him Live in Tokyo, and he played a few songs of them for me. I wasn't paying too much attention, but I really enjoyed Metropolis. Back then I was really into power metal, so it didn't call my attention that much. A few months later, my brother bought Greatest Hit (and 21 other really cool songs) and played it in the car. That was it for me. After listening to the first three songs, I couldn't ask for more musical perfection. Since then, or well, a month later or something, they've been my favorite band. The first DT album I bought, without ever having listening to it besides the few songs that appear on Greatest Hit (and 21 other really cool songs) was Scenes From a Memory. Of course, I'm also totally in love with it.

I enjoy playing keyboard, but don't play any other instrument, even though I really want to learn how to play the bass. My favorite bands are Dream Theater (duh), DragonForce, Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Avantasia, Killing Touch and Vision Divine.

By the way... can anyone help me with my avatar? I don't know how to upload one :(

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[quote=CrimsonSunriseDTF]I enjoy long walks on the beach and ...oh wait... wrong thread.... [/quote]

Yes, but do you like Pina Coladas?

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Great thread Brenda :) Greg here... been a fan since Awake came out. I've been hooked since!

also.... I enjoy long walks on the beach and ...oh wait... wrong thread....