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Meet and Greet package. Anyone?

  • Meet and Greet package. Anyone?
    September 28, 2011 - 4:13am

    Hy folks, I´d like to know if somebody was at a "Meet and Greet" in one of the shows.

    I bought this package for the Morristown and NYC shows, and I´ve never been on this before.

    Considering I´m travelling from Brazil just to see this 2 shows, I´d like more information, how it works, duration of the meeting, if it´s before or after the show, etc.

    See you guys!

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on September 28, 2011 - 4:13am

Hy folks, I´d like to know if somebody was at a "Meet and Greet" in one of the shows.

I bought this package for the Morristown and NYC shows, and I´ve never been on this before.

Considering I´m travelling from Brazil just to see this 2 shows, I´d like more information, how it works, duration of the meeting, if it´s before or after the show, etc.

See you guys!

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I'm hoping for our date in Mexico city and really hoping it includes a M&G...!!!

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Is it possible to buy a "ticketless" meet and greet?

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Still no photos of the M&G package? pleeease :(

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the M&G was great, mostly talked to John Petrucci and Mike(who couldn't have been a nicer guy, he asked how I was doing and when asked him the same his face lit up and he just sounded so excited to be in this band)

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Well, I was at M&G at Morristown and NYC.

It´s pretty what the other guys told before here: no cameras allowed, only one item to be signed, etc.

The guys are really friendly, but don´t expect anything but a smile. They don´t shake hands, but it´s natural to put your arms on their shoulders at the time of the photo.

Mr. Rudess was very concerned about something I don´t know, cause in both M&G he looked very unconfortable. It looks like he wasn´t in a good day. But at the show time, perfect as always.

It´s a wonderfull and amazing experience. Can´t wait for the next time.


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Hey guys, first of all excuse me for my bad English.

My name is Aleksander and I'm from Venezuela, I'm going to M & G in Miami on Friday, October 21, and I have an extra ticket because my wife can not go to the concert with me.

Some of you are interested in the ticket?

I arrive in Miami on October 19.

Thank you ...

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my picture with the band was available on-line the very next day. i would say those pics should be up within days for sure, and they come out very nice. nope, can't take a photos with your own camera.

@indalo they will probably discourage getting more than 1 thing signed. you can certainly bring something - the CD, a shirt...hell, 1 guy brought his guitar and case and got that signed. but they herd you through pretty quickly. they are on a pretty tight schedule, but everyone is very friendly and cordial. its a great opportunity, and a wonderful experience. enjoy the moment!

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@momofafan: I've read that you can't take your own photo camera. In the M&G, people from the stuff make the photo and later they give you a link to download it, few weeks after the show. But that's what I read, better wait for information of someone that have gone.

And please please, a photo of the M&G package!!! :P

@bigrich67 great news that they give the poster before the signing!! It was absurd to give it after. One question: you can take one thing to be signed. Now you have to choose between that thing or the poster or you can take both to be signed? Thank you!

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Just bought my 17 year old son meet and greet passes for Austin - no idea what to expect..since he's going alone will there be someone there to snap a pic for him? Is there anything I should be aware of? This is his DREAM and I dont want to screw it up by being unprepared... all new to me.. im more of a George Strait kinda girl...


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I think I'm going to bring the vinyl cover from the box set for autographing in philly.

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the M&G in boston (10/10) was awesome. as i feared, this 43 year old guy turned in to a 13 year-old at a bieber concert. i was so nervous around the guys, it was all i could do to keep it together. when i walked up for the picture, JP looked and smiled at me and for a moment i thought he was going to put his arm around me and welcome me in to the group lol. our host gave us our limited edition posters before the autograph line which was cool - someone got the message somewhere! going through the autograph line was cool, but again my words failed me when i tried to talk to the guys. i think i told MM that i looked forward to hearing him with the band for many years to come. JR looked a little preoccupied. maybe he was having an 0ff-day or not feeling all that great. JMX looked directly at me as i blurted out something...not sure if he asked me a question or if he was just giving me his undivided attention, but i couldn't hear him all that well so i'll never know. i joked with JP something about "i told myself i would keep it together here, but i don't know..." to which he gave me a big smile and said "well, don't lose it on me now" LOL. i told him that i really apprecicated the M&G opportunity. i told labrie that i loved his voice, and that i didn't give a shit what the critics say about it, to which he replied "bleh-fuck the critics. who gives a shit what they say, right?" made me grin from ear to ear. the guys were all very friendly and cordial. what an experience. would do it again in a heartbeat.

edit: tried to insert my picture, but failed in doing so or its not allowing me to. sorry!

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Any photo of the M&G package please? :(

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I saw lots of people getting guitars signed in pittsburgh. The guys as always were very humble, polite, and appreciative. Oh, and make sure your autographed photo is in the bag. The girl had them separate so they wouldn't get bent and forgot to put them back in w/ the other swag before the m&g so we had to call her and meet up to get ours.

have fun!

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hmm do you believe I can bring my MusicMan in to get it signed by John? I dont want to get stuck with it all the show tho...

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Thanks for heads up Ledzep....I am heading to Pittsburgh show tonight and doing meet and greet....

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The shirt is kind of gray/black and says Dream Theater above a big Logo and Live Concert under it. Its a nice quality shirt have not seen one like it for sale. The pics are in a sealed metal box with the album cover theme I have not opened it. The poster is maybe 12 x 18 with the theme of the album cover. It is number xxxx/2000 pretty cool. Will look nice in a frame. An 8 x 10 with the autograhs, there is a black cloth bag with the DT Logo and you get your laminate. Between the stuff, the M&G and the ticket I think it was worth it. Cant really take a picture right now.

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Can you take a picture of your M&G package please ??

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OK had a good time at Chicago. Once we got in we went through the like to check-in. Once everyone was checked in we were taken back to the meeting area. We formed a line for pictures and after the picture you got back in line for the meet. The guys were setting at a table and you got to walk by and speak with each of them. You can also bring one item to get signed if you like. After the meet you picked up your goods. Rosemont let you out and back in so I was able to take my stuff to the car.

The ticket was great I was to the right side of the stage which was perfect for me to get a good look at Petrucci working. When he came to the edge of the stage he was no more than a couple of feet away. After the show I got to either shake hands or high five everyone except Mangini who kept his distance. How the guy can even walk after working so hard for 2 hours is beyond me.

The stuff I got was ok nothing special. I wish I could have had the poster before the greet to have them sign it. The only thing I didnt get as promised was the chance shop the souvenir stand before the crowd. By the time I got there it was long lines.

As for the show it was top notch I really enjoyed it. They sounded as good as I have ever heard them and Mangini did not disappoint. The set they played did not include Outcry which is one of my favorites on the new album. The meet and greet was well organized and moved very smooth.

My advice. Bring something to get signed. Relax and think about how you want to pose for your picture. They move people fast and I have a feeling mine wont turn out well. Standing next to these guys was a bit overwhelming and before I could really set myself they were snapping the picture. \m/ \m/

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Hey folks, let´s share your Meet and Greet experiences.....

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I am going to Chicago tonight on a M&G package. I got the email 5 days in advance like promised. I'm suppose to be at the table by 5:45 and doors open at 6:00. You pick up your ticket when you get there.

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I am doing meet and great in two days in Pitsburgh. I will also post details after the show. Set list looks absolutely amazing. This will be my 8th DT show and have to say i am looking forward to this more than any other! New album is best to date! DT is at the top of their game!

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So we get in the M&G package finally ?? Any pics of it !!!

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I'm also wondering how this works.

1. Do you get the ticket along with the other stuff when you get there?
2. In general admission venues, do they at least have a reserved area for us right in front of the stage?

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Hey, I am going to the one in NYC too. Whats your name? My name is Ronald.

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K ill as much info as I can and let you know how it goes

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[quote=chiefsdawg]Hey I bought meet greet passes show is tomorrow night ill let you know how it goes[/quote]

Yeah, you´re the guy! Tks for answering.

Waiting for your comments!

Have a good show and enjoy! With a lot of pics and histories to tell us.


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Hey I bought meet greet passes show is tomorrow night ill let you know how it goes

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