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scenes from a memory

  • scenes from a memory
    November 27, 2011 - 11:02pm

    Just wondered what you think of this album

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on November 27, 2011 - 11:02pm

Just wondered what you think of this album

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Its one of my favorite albums, with really good instrumentals

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Scenes was the first Dream Theater album i heard and it is my favourite :)

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To me, SFAM is their greatest concept album and is best appreciated listened all the way through in one sitting. I don't enjoy most of the tracks as singles like I do with SDOIT. Plus it's a story and why only listen to part of it. I hope they do another concept album in the future that tells a story.

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The cat shadow on the building wall is in Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

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This is an excellent drama. Has anyone ever watched the DVD, "Metropolis 2000, Scenes From A Memory"? If so, has anyone noticed the shadow of the CAT on the wall? I did not notice the cat shadow until I had watched the DVD like 20 times.

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Scenes should be mandatory listening for anyone who wants to learn about prog metal. This was Jordan's first album with the band and the keyboard parts he contributed blew me away. He instantly let me know that he was the right man for the job.

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Ha, I'm actually listening to it now. It's hands down my favorite DT album. I have used to to 'hook' four of my friends into DT, so far it has had a 100% success rate, lol.

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Definitely their best on every level. I particularly like how well it works on an emotional level. They do a great job connecting the story with emotions that anyone can relate too. Confusion, anger, lust, joy, sadness, etc... None of their albums do this so well.

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I can definitely say this is DT's best album, although I love LOVE Octavarium, The storyline of SCenes From A Memory is amazing, Dance of Eternity that instrumental still blows my mind.

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I'm listening to it right now haha. But seriously, I haven't been a DT fan for too long now, and this album is what got me into them in the first place. Absolutely beautiful story, mixed with the actual instrumentation which has softer, more melodic bits but also contains the very metal/hard rock sections. Again, amazing album.

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Where to begin...? First off, you could write an entire book on this album, from synopsis to in-depth critique. There are simply too many highlights to consider in a single post.

For the two people who haven't put 1 and 2 together, you should try it; listen to Part I: [i]The Miracle and the Sleeper [/i]and Part II: [i]Scenes from a Memory [/i]and it's kinda like "watching" a movie trailer then "seeing" the film. Entertainment!

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@Philba1966: And then the end note of ToT starts Octavarium. and ends it too. It's this whole thing called a Meta-Album. From Scenes from a Memory to Octacarium

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Hey, I never noticed that one. Thanks!

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@Phrygian Sunshine:

ToT starts with the end of SDoIT as well! Very cool!

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One of my favorite album's ever.

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@Soulfire: I keep disc one and two seperate because I feel like they have a completely different feel to both. Disc one to me sounds a little dark and power chords where disc two is more jazzy with "Odessy" and "Larks Tongues" the Third disc I dont even listen to.

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This album is really wonderful for long trips! Specially a car trip.

Weel, IMO, SFAM is the most beautiful album of all times, of all genres and styles. Not just rock and roll style.

It´s miles away better from any Choppin, Bethoven, Beatles, Stones ...My favorite. Dot.

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[quote=Ytsejam58]I love it when I can listen to it the whole way through. Its great for long trips. Not great to fall asleep to cause the end with the static always wakes me back up lol. [/quote]

Oh man, the worst album to fall asleep to is the BCSL limited edition. You're all calm and asleep at the end of A Count of Tuscany, and that fades beautifully away into birds, and then....


And Stargazer begins. Got the shock of my life when I was awoken by that sound many-a-time when my iPod ticked over to disc two. Not fun :S. But still a good album lol :D

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Speaking of which, I love the way that "6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence" begins with the same static sound that ends "Scenes From a Memory." Sort of a "picking up where we left off." Such attention to details is fantastic!

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I love it when I can listen to it the whole way through. Its great for long trips. Not great to fall asleep to cause the end with the static always wakes me back up lol.

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I love this's my sentimental #1 as my first owned and the one that got me hooked on DT (My iPod says I've had 70 listens so far). It's a wonderful story with uplifting music.

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This album is sheer magnificence!

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I think it is really good i need to listen to it more

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Beautiful album. It is personally my favorite piece of work from Dream Theater. The story is phenominal and the music is AMAZING! Wonderful album in all. What is your opinion on the album?