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Australia tour 2012, where will you go and see DREAM THEATER

  • Australia tour 2012, where will you go and see DREAM THEATER
    January 31, 2012 - 7:37pm

    In what city in Australia would you like to see Dream Theater

    Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth etc.

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on January 31, 2012 - 7:37pm

In what city in Australia would you like to see Dream Theater

Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth etc.

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Hello guys..Australia tour is one of the best tour in my history because i am also tourist that's why i know the beauty of the Australia...

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Laycock Street Theatre, Gosford, NSW
lol being down the road from where i live would be nice but ultimately anywhere in sydney would be unreal :)

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@callahan - you're a dropkick!

@Pearl65 - I think DT borrowed the world atlas from Rush - they don't know what "world" means either. Still, this discussion does give a fellow who is 53 but just discovered DT a few weeks ago hope that they will make it here at some point (don't ask what I've been listening to for the last 25 years - one clue above...)

As for where I'd like to see DT in Oz? Sydney - Acer would be good if they did it like Metallica did for the DM tour, or Brisbane Empty Container Centre, or Newcastle EC. Failing those I would buy plane tickets to anywhere in OZ to see this band!

Cheers Emjem

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I'm still hoping for a tour later in the year. Might be a very optimistic dream, but you have to dream...

I still reckon bands could benefit a lot from using something like kickstarter ( to sound out potential tour destinations. Kickstarter is this brilliant concept where you can put an idea up and people can elect to sponsor the idea at various levels for some sort of investment in whatever's up for grabs. So, in computer games sense, you can elect to sponsor a game for say $20 which gets you a copy of the game, $50 gets you a copy of the game plus your name in the closing credits (or something like that) up to $500 where you get a character in the game and you get a speaking part.

So, let's say DT put an Australian tour on kickstarter and give fans the opportunity to express an interest.

So, something like:

$250 guaranteed first pick of a ticket plus meet & greet
$100 might get you a guaranteed second pick of a ticket (after the $250 pick) and an "express line" entry to a signing somewhere
$50 might get you a guaranteed third pick of a ticket (after the $100 pick) and a poster
$20 might get you a guaranteed ticket

If the band doesn't tour, you get your money back and if the band does tour the amount you've sponsored comes off your ticket price. I think it would be a great way for a band (or promoters I guess) to gauge interest in certain countries that they're not sure of their popularity in. There's already a Music section in kickstarter but it's mainly used for bands to get funds for albums.

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I think our dream is over. I'll tought when you announce a world tour you should also give your fans some dates.
I am, to say the least very disappointed that we haven't heard or seen any indication for touring on ozzy soil. Maybe they will come later in the year? Can only hope I've still got the Dream feeling for them then........

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Yep. I hear ya. Would be nice to get some definitive answer from somebody in DT land regarding a tour down under. Hoping for a Silver Lining and not Black Clouds regarding the tour.

OK. That's not as good as the Dramatic Turn of Events line, but I had less material to work with! :)

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starting to get worried about dt coming down under.hoping for a dramatic turn of

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Still nothing? Does anyone from the DT team read this site? Waiting for some good news re Aussie tour.

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Yeah. I'm still hoping we may get some dates squeezed in. You've gotta dream!!

And it's a good call about the World Tour! Surely our little continent deserves a run!!

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I dont really see the point in announcing a 'World Tour' if your going to skip entire continents

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It's hard to believe that Dream Theater would play all of Asia and not come to Australia. It will be a massive disappointment if they don't come.

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Yeah, it's very disappointing alright. It would be nice to get some definitive word one way or another though.

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Very disappointing. Why do we have to wait so long to find out about Australia (if at all)? Not happy Jan!!!

Hopefully someone from DT can respond and let us know either way.

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Hmmm... More North America tour dates about to be announced according to the DT Facebook page. Probably doesn't bode well for an Australian tour I'm thinking.

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Yeah. I've got to say that it's mildly worrying that there's no new dates coming out. Still hoping for a late May/early June announcement in the next week or so...

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It's a bit of a concern that no Australian dates have been announced, but i haven't given up hope. Good news soon please...

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@scrotie macboogerballs: yeaaaaah, please, please, PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE come to Brisbaaaaaneeeee!!!!! D':

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Wollongong Entertainment Centre

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Brisbane absolutely. Saw them on there last two tours and the Brisbane Convention Center was the best, the sound was stunning, can't wait to see them again. Am looking forward to seeing Mangini doing a solo. Rock on!!!

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Yeah. I'm hoping to see some Oz dates really soon. Checking every day and still nothing.

Anybody out there have any updates?

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Adelaide for me at Thebarton Theatre.

So far I have seen them three times, twice in Adelaide and once in Melbourne.

Will travel to Melbourne if they skip Adelaide, but I hope they don't.

BTW when are they coming to Australia, would have thought there would be tour dates by now?

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Sydney!! Would love to see my all time favourite band playing at one of the big sydney venues. Sydney Entertainment Centre or Newcastle Entertainment Centre would be preferable for you guys. Please come down to Australia, you guys have sooo many fans over here that are dying to see you in concert format. If you do come down any chance you could get Mike Mangini to do a drum clinic in sydney? That would be a dream come true meeting my idol and learning from him.

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Sydney for sure either Horden Pavillion again or Entertainment Centre, however Newcastle Entertainment Centre would be just as awesome and allow more fans from regional australia to go to the shows

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Hopefully 2012 will see the boys perform in Melbourne twice again or perhaps in a bigger venue...

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Hi Felo,

Thanks for that! I did see the Japan concerts coming up so am hoping that they'll cross the sea to come visit! Just hoping to get an official announcement soon so I can plan a few days off work to maximize the Dream Theater experience!

I hope they time their schedule so you can catch them! Will keep crossing my fingers and watching the tour page for further word!

Gunga Din.

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@Gunga Din: Bro, I got here looking for the same information, and now I created an account just to tell you that thay have concerts scheduled in april in Japan, so I think there's pretty much probability they will go to Australia! Also, Jordan answered a previous thread about his same topic and said the he was reading all the messages... kind of a clue, isn't it? I'm so freaking excited! I'm actually from Chile, but I'm travelling to Brisbane next month for university scholarship, and I want to see them live so much! I've been the biggest fan for over 8 years, and never seen them live :( I really hope the go!!! :D

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You can't be serious,

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Hmmm... OK.

Can't be serious about what?

The equation thing? No, I'm obviously not serious about that.

The telepathic connections thing? Again, not serious on that front.

In a nutshell and to cut to the serious part, I was merely enquiring if anybody has any info or ideas on if/when/where an Oz tour might eventuate.