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Poll: What Was The First Dream Theater Song You Heard?

  • Poll: What Was The First Dream Theater Song You Heard?
    March 20, 2012 - 11:56pm

    Hey guys! Post the very FIRST song you heard and below click on the studio album it came from. Let's see which songs and ultimately which album got to us first.

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on March 20, 2012 - 11:56pm

Hey guys! Post the very FIRST song you heard and below click on the studio album it came from. Let's see which songs and ultimately which album got to us first.

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hazard_pay's picture

Pull Me Under on Headbanger's Ball. The guys I was with hated the song. And I mean hated it. And while they still listen to Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and what not, I still listen to Dream theater. They were my first concert, the Awake tour, and come June 25th 2012, they will be my first meet and greet. Cannot wait to see this tour. Just as a curiosity for those that found DT during their later albums, say, after SFAM, do you prefer their early work or the later songs? Just wondering.

Rkeister's picture

Metropolis Part 1

InfectiouslyPerverted's picture

I don't even remember what song it was but it was from I&W. All I remember is hearing them(my brother was listening to them) and saying "My God, who is this???"

AuzYFAN-jp12's picture

Forsaken, that song was the very thing that made buy a guitar and take lessons :)

Adam Mitchell's picture

Strange Deja Vu - Scenes from a Memory

Niels B's picture

The Ytse Jam, back in 1991

Tapring's picture

I believe the first song I ever heard was Pull Me Under. It was over 16 years ago though, so I can't be positive!

Pyer's picture

As I Am, Train Of Thought. I had an erection for 72 hours after.

JeffAsIAm's picture

Pull Me Under on Headbangers Ball in 1992. I thought it was the coolest band name, and I loved the song. And I also thought how big are the balls on these guys to put a 3 1/2 minute intro on their first single release. Still the best band walking the planet.

6AM1225's picture

"Pull Me Under" back in late 1992. It was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the 'alternacrap' polluting the airwaves at that time. Anyone remember 'Z-Rock?' That's where I first heard it.

[quote=comment]...At first I thought it was an Iron Maiden song. :p [/quote]

Funny. At first I thought it was a Queensryche song! :p

KVK's picture

Endless Sacrifice melted my heart immediately at the first time when heard it.

cviens's picture

As I Am. A buddy of mine was listening to it and got me hooked.

Alden1969's picture

After years searching for the perfect band, I heard Learning to live and my jaw dropped to the floor. That was 1993, and I still haven't heard anything even close to Dream Theater. I think that it will take some decades before we hear something better. Right now is 2012 and nothing even close to them has arisen since 1985.

Iridit Schmedley's picture

Metropolice Pt2: Scenes from a memory) I was searched 3 months)))))) hahaha

Iridit Schmedley's picture

There was the full album & I was lucky cauze in my place where I live was imposible to just meet their records! It was 2001! :) :D

MikeSic's picture

I actually saw, not just hear, Pull Me Under on some video TV show. From the first few notes, I knew this band is different.

Amy Putri's picture

Spirit Carries On!!!
1st time I heard this song, 1999, during camp..
then I start searching about them, I bought the album, and haven't stop following them since... (and always listen their songs every morning to boost my mood..)

I came to their concert in Indonesia last Saturday with my best friends, that was awesome.. I hope they will come to Indonesia again in the future...
I'll be there..

Psygnosis99's picture

Hey Danne Royce, I Walk Beside You is my fiance and I's official wedding song ;)

Psygnosis99's picture

Overture 1928, right before the G3 concert with Petrucci! I hadn't heard of him, so i bought DT's latest album at the time to familiarize myself with his work, which was Scenes from a Memory! So Overture 1928 was my first song and I was hooked!

Pegasus's picture

Overture 1928, I was a kid back then and it was awesome, something that I've never heard before :')

paddladd's picture

Honor Thy Father. Still one of my favourite songs from them, from my second favourite album!

Zalindras's picture

My first DT song was A Nightmare To Remember. My friend showed me that song a long time ago, i've only just started to listen to them properly. Loving every second.

Delasangre's picture

Count of Tuscaney while listening to slacker radio. Within 1 week i had purchased every studion album and most live stuff. I listen to a minimum of three albums per day and have listened to nothing but DT for the last two plus months. To sum them up in one word i would have to say...Amazing.

\,,/Drummerboy\,,/'s picture

DANCE OF ETERNITY! the first song i heard and i learnt it on drums in 6 weeks :)

Capra.simona's picture

The first Dream Theater song I heard was "Spirit carries on" and it's still one of my favourite ones!
It also the song I decided to play to celebrate the descover of my pregnancy (three month ago)!!!!
My child will grow up as a fan!!!!!

duchifat's picture

G3- with steve vai and satrianni. JP is playing glasgow kiss and damage control from his solo album

Phrygian Sunshine's picture

"Another Won" on the Majesty demo.

DanneRoyce's picture

My first Dream Theater song I ever heard was I walk beside you. That song made me open the amazing prog rock DT world and obviously the octavarium album was the first album I ever heard in 2005 :)

Ytsejam58's picture

@duchifat: What song is JP on GH3?

ScarredOne's picture

That would be Pull Me Under. I remember thinking this sounds like Metallica with a different singer. I went and bought the CD as soon as I found out the band's name. Haven't quit following them since....