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Top 3 you want to see on the DVD

  • Top 3 you want to see on the DVD
    May 17, 2012 - 9:10pm

    Hey guys! For the new DVD, list the top 3 songs from ADToE your looking forward to seeing performed along with any other songs you want to see make the DVD.

    1. BAI
    2. LNF
    3. Outcry

    Lines In The Sand
    These Walls
    Count Of Tuscany

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on May 17, 2012 - 9:10pm

Hey guys! For the new DVD, list the top 3 songs from ADToE your looking forward to seeing performed along with any other songs you want to see make the DVD.

1. BAI
2. LNF
3. Outcry

Lines In The Sand
These Walls
Count Of Tuscany

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[b]I somehow managed to find "Dream Theater's" setlist for their upcoming Blu-Ray / DVD.

August 19th Setlist:

August 20th Setlist:

It looks pretty solid to me right from the word go. The concert was filmed two consecutive days and this is apparently we all shall have the opportunity to savor on their Blu-Ray / DVD!!!


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1. Count of Tuscany
2. Nightmare
3. Outcry

Would love a cover tune as well

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Bridges in the Sky
Breaking All Illusions

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From ADTOE :
1. Lost Not Forgotten
2. Breaking All Illusions
3. This Is The Life

Other 3 :
1. Surrounded
2. Lie
3. The Root Of All Evil

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Learning To Live (Villafranca (Verona) 2011)
Breaking All Illusions
This Is The Life

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For me it should be:

The Count Of Tuscany
A Change Of Seasons
The Best Of Times

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I should clarify something. It's not like no other songs matter to me; of course they do. What I meant was that a lot of others have been dome before, or will surely appear anyway, so I'm not gonna rave about their importance. On the Backs of Angels, Bridges in the Sky, A Rite of Passage, etcetera, are bound to be on there no matter what, just out of necessity. But Great Debate tragically wasn't on any official live release, and Mangini just kicked ass on that one. The whole band did, of course, but you know what I mean. :)

If I were to nominate a second, it'd be A Fortune in Lies. Especially if James really belts that "Here is a poor man" part. :D Did you guys see how Mike plays that bridge riff with just one hand, while the other hand sweeps across the stage and then cues Jordan into his part? Absolutely brilliant, and it would pretty well suck to not have this captured on a proper video. But this song was on Live at the Marquee, at least, so it's not as vitally crucial as the other, hehe.

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Got to be
Count of Tuscany
Biuld me up, Break me down
Great Debate
Pull me under
Solitary Shell

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Just one that really, seriously matters to me:

The Great Debate

It was cut from the set list at Budokan due to the venue's time restrictions, wasn't on Score or Chaos in Motion, and I've seen a YouTube video of it with Mangini and it's AMAZING! Thing is, that's just a little, audience-filmed, low-res YouTube video. Imagine that song on a proper DVD, and ... yeah. So that one. :)

I actually joined up on this forum JUST to make this post. Not like I haven't been around, but I hadn't bothered signing up until something came up that *really* mattered, absolutely had to be said. Man, I hope that one's on there.

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Hey, I agree with everyone but in addition, the keyboard solo of Jordan's had tears streaming down my face, it was so perfect and then the Petrucci & Rudess duet. Both need to be on the DVD!!!!

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Bridges in the Sky
Breaking All Illusions
On the Backs of Angels
(really love to see Lost Not Forgotten, Outcry, Build Me Up-Break Me Down, This Is the Life and Beneath the Surface, too--they were all great live!!!)

The Count of Tuscany
A Rite of Passage
(and the rest of Black Clouds..., since we didn't get a Tour DVD/CD of that wonderful album!)

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I agree with everything Floyducci just said with the possible addition of Dance of Eternity

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from ADTOE:
lost not....,
a breaking...
this is the life

never filmed songs:
a count of tuscany
a nightmare to remember

other songs:
......ALL THEIR SONGS ....
:D :D :D :D :D

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Definitely count of tuscany.
Bridges is the best adtoe song in my opinion, with illusions a close second of course. Lost not forgotten!
What about wither? No one ever talks about it but i think its one of their best song pretty songs ever

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Lost Not Forgotten (Easily the best performance of the night in KC)
Bridges in the Sky

Metropolis Pt 1
The Glass Prison

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hmmmmmm ??
from ADTOE
On the backs of angels
lost not forgotten
Bridges in the sky

Everything else
Dance of eternity
Count of tuscany
Endless Sacrifice
In The Name Of God

and the metropolis pt1 encore

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Man I feel at home in this thread. This DVD is going to rock if the band reads this. Don't know if we'll see much love for the MP 12 Step or other strong MP hits, but it'll be cool when it finally does happen. I really like Surrounded so I hope they do something epic with it!

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[b]I'm sure that they are going to include some new tracks in their setlist but I shall be delighted to see some of the songs which have never been recorded live for their DVD or Blu-Ray!

1. Bombay Vindaloo (Improv. Jam)

2. Raw Dog (Instrumental)

3. Eve (Non Album Track)

Eve (Non Album Track) features on "Dream Theater's" single 'The Silent Man' released back in 1994. I love this song, it's a gem. As a bonus material it will nice to see them perform 'Mike Portnoy's Twelve Step Suite' in it's entirety!


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1.Bridges in Da sky
2. Lost not forgotten
3. Outcry


1.Count of Tuscany!! what the heck how have they not been playing any songs from black clouds and silver linings?? count is such an epic amazing song with so many cool parts.
2.In the presence of Enemies part 1. its such a cool song and would be amazing as an encore
3.lines in the sand!! such an amazing song

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Breaking all Illusions
Bridges in the sky
Lost not forgotten

Presents of enemies and change of seasons were my favorite songs; however Breaking all illusions is my number 1 song followed by presents of enemies and change of seasons

After my favorites I pretty much like anything they play....

I wish JP would make another solo album his last two were fabulous ....

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Hum, yeah it's difficult...

1- BAI

2- LNF

3- Outcry


The Count of Tuscany

The Root Of All Evil


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lol oops. I meant Jaws of Life off of Petrucci's solo album. I've got LTE on the brain apparently.

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- Breaking All Illusions
- Lost Not Forgotten
- Outcry

From others:
- Metropolis Pt. 1
- The Count of Tuscany

- A little Liquid Tension Experiment medley
- or Paradigm Shift off of Petrucci's solo album.

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I'd say

Bridges In the Sky
This Dying Soul
Strange Deja-Vu
You Not Me
Take the Time
Wait for Sleep
Honor Thy Father
Panic Attack
I Walk Beside You
A Nightmare to Remember
The Shattered Fortress
The Silent Man
Pull Me Under

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build me up break me down
in the presence of enemies part 1
honour thy father
in the name of god

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2.Breaking all illusions
3.Stream of consciousness

Enough said.

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This is the Life
Bridges in the Sky


The Count of Tuscany
In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 2

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I agree with your top 3.

Other songs I would love to hear

Trial of Tears
Count of Tuscany
In the Name of God