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dream theater must come to australia

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on March 28, 2013 - 7:43am

:( come to Australia dream theater we need the fans like myself to hear the music live and to see the band. we need the real music under so please come to Australia!!!!

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Definitely should tour Australia next year! Maybe after Europe and the States? Jordan was asked in a recent interview and he said since they didn't tour here last time most likely this time they will. Fingers crossed.

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DT definitely MUST tour [b]Australia[/b][size=18][/size] again this tour!!
We missed out on the last "World" tour!!
C'mon down!!!!

BigBunny's picture

enjoyed the 2009 tour in Perth. I hope they return, looking forward to seeing/hearing Mangini :)

Jorge Armando's picture

I bet you'll have them soon. There's a new tour coming our way.

bigboy's picture

Blew me in Melbourne 2009.
Hanging for DT to get back to Oz.
Come on fella's, get on Down here, you are most loved.

Michael Moody's picture

Yes please do come to Australia.

gnrfan96's picture

Yes it was promised and it has yet to come. Can any band members comment on the possibility or lack of possibility of it happening this year? There is quite a want for them to tour hear again.

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Yes Please

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They will have to come now, last time Aussie Dollar was very high so this time they should make it. Newcastle and Central Coast fans get ready, I would like to organise a bus to bring down and take fans back home like I was in the process of doing in anticipation of the last tour as they had said they were going to be touring here. Let me know if you are interested need numbers obviously to make it viable.