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The definitive top ten DT tracks....

  • The definitive top ten DT tracks....
    January 5, 2013 - 12:50pm

    Here goes then...

    1 - Breaking All Illusions
    2 - Octavarium
    3 - Count of Tuscany
    4 - Stream of Conciuosness
    5 - A Change of Seasons
    6 - Fatal Tragedy
    7 - Learning to Live
    8 - In the Presence of Enemies Pt1
    9 - Home
    10 - Bridges in the Sky

    :) :) :)

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on January 5, 2013 - 12:50pm

Here goes then...

1 - Breaking All Illusions
2 - Octavarium
3 - Count of Tuscany
4 - Stream of Conciuosness
5 - A Change of Seasons
6 - Fatal Tragedy
7 - Learning to Live
8 - In the Presence of Enemies Pt1
9 - Home
10 - Bridges in the Sky

:) :) :)

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For Myself:

1. A Fortune Is Lies
2. Metropolis, Part. I (The Miracle And The Sleeper)
3. The Enemy Inside
4. Home
5. On The Back Of Angels
6. The Mirror
7. Constant Motion
8. Peruvian Skies
9. The Dark Eternal Night
10. A Change Of Seasons

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1.Overture 1928
2.Fatal Tragedy
4.The Dance of Eternity
5.Pull Me Under
6.The Mirror/ Lie XDXD
9.As I Am
10.Sacrified Sons

12.Take The time
14.Hollow Years
15.About To Crash
16.Stream of Consciousness
17.On the back of angels
18.Breaking All illusions
19.Behind the veil
20.Trial Of Tears:)

lol was cheat:)

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1. A Change of Seasons
2. Octavarium
3. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
4. Metropolis Pt. 1
5. The Count of Tuscany
6. Illumination Theory
7. The Ministry of Lost Souls
8. Home
9. In the Presence of Enemies
10. Disappear

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1. Lines in the Sand
2. Breaking all Illusions
3. Ministry of Lost Souls
4. In the Presence of Enemies pt 1 & 2
5. Count of Tuscany
6. Take away my pain
7. The Bigger Picture
8. Misunderstood
9. Change of Seasons
10. Answers Lies Within
11. Finally Free

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meine top 10!
1.a nigthmare.......
2.the best of times
3.lifting shadows....
4.this is the life
5.pull me under da vest
7.the Spirit .....
8.hollow years
9.the bigger pic....
10.i walk beside...

rock on Folks!

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Hi all,

The fascination with this post brought me to assess all top 10 lists posted here, and through my own algorithm, here is the top 20. Ranked primarily by number of mentions on any given top 10 lists, and in the case of a tie, higher ranked are listed before lower ranked. This is purely for amusement as I was just curious what you all came up with. I've been a fan since Images (before DT was ever played on the radio) and to rank these songs is just a fascinating thing to me. Here's the top 20:

Octavarium (11)
Metropolis Pt. I (10)
Breaking All Illusions (8)
The Count of Tuscany (7)
Home (7)
Learning to Live (7)
Illumination Theory (6)
In The Presence of Enemies (6)
A Change of Seasons (6)
The Spirit Carries On (6)
Pull Me Under (5)
Surrounded (Chaos in Motion) (4)
Six Degree of Inner Turbulence (suite) (4)
Stream of Consciousness (4)
The Great Debate (4)
In the Name of God (4)
Another Day (3)
As I Am (3)
Fatal Tragedy (3)
The Mirror (3)
The Root of All Evil (3)

Numbers in parenthesis represent number of mentions. I cut the list off at 20.


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And I tried getting meet and greet too :-(

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Yep can't wait. I have Jordan's synth and just bought JP's amp which is just flat out sexy. If it had the means to accommodate, I would possibly make sweet love to it. So if you see a guy on the floor looking like he's watching a tennis match, that may be me.

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So you are going to the NY show as well March 28? I tried to get Greet and meet package but it was sold out so had to go for regular tickets. Rock on I will be at the show as well, can't wait for it.

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Oh yeah, there were 18 lists. So, for instance, Octavarium got 11 mentions in the 18 lists. The 3 songs that had the most #1 rankings:

Pull Me Under (4 #1's)
Learning To Live (2 #1's)
Octavarium (2 #1's)

It's a shame the new album didn't get mentioned as much, but due to the relatively short period of time from when it was released, that's understandable. I personally love the new album and cant wait for Hammerstein Ballroom on March 28.

Now for my own "top 10" list:

1) In the Name of God
2) The Shattered Fortress
3) As I Am
4) This Dying Soul
5) A Nightmare to Remember
6) Hollow Years
7) Pull Me Under
8) Octavarium
9) Behind the Veil
10) Illumination Theory

It's SO hard to rank these. I think Behind the Veil and Illumination Theory should probably be higher that 9 and 10, but I have no clue where.

Just my 2 cents. See you at the Hammerstein!!!


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Impossible to rate Dream Theater songs. They all deserve to be at the top, but for me
1) Learning To Live
2) In The Presence of the Enemies (Part 1 & 2)
3) Finally Free
4) Octavarium
5) Ministry of Lost Souls
6) Metropolis Part 1
7) Lines in the Sand
8) Six Degree of Inner Turbulence (suite)
9) The Great Debate
10) Home

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Ok Here it Goes:
1. Endless Sacrifice
2. As I aM
3. Instrumedley
4. War inside My HEad
5. Root of all Evil
6. In the presence of Enemies Part 1
7. Sacrificed Sons
8. Metropolis part 1
9. Through Her Eyes
10. Surrender To Reason

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Hello guys. I'm a big fan of yours and student of English letters here in Brazil. My job of course completion will be the analysis of 3 songs you through metaphors in the lyrics. I wish I could count on your help if possible. I'll use a song of cd WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE, one of FALLING INTO INFINITY and another of BLACK CLOUDS AND SILVER LININGS and I would like that you tell me and indicate some song that was related to context to political history of the time of each of the CDs.

Already here my deepest thanks to you. FYI: Tárlison Lins.

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Ok I am an old school dt fan...the first time i saw them was in 1991 at a bar here in phoenix az!
Anyways my top 10 favorites are gonna be from there first couple of albums, for in which i'm
most familiar with..:
Pull me under
metropolis 1
as i am
under glass moon
the mirror
learning to live
I need to hear more of their latest material ,then update my list :-)

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This is tough for me. All of their music resonates in my soul. I've been listening to them since Pull Me Under was a hit on the radio so I'll start with:

Pull Me Under
This Dying Soul
In The Name Of God
The Great Debate
The Test That Stumped Them All
A Change of Seasons
The Spirit Carries On
Learning To Live

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A change of season
Illumination Theory
Breaking all Illusions
Take the time
Hell's Kitchen
Lines in the sand
The spirit carries on
Innocence Faded

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Here's my top ten in no particular order.
The Count of Tuscany
A Change of Seasons
Breaking All Illusions
Illumination Theory
Metropolis pt 1
The Ministry of Lost Souls
Learning to Live
In the Presence of Enemies

It's really tough to come up with a top ten when there is so much good music to choose from.
Best wishes Bob

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I don't think DT songs should be compared, however these are my top 10

1- Outcry
2- The Enemy Inside
3- In The Name of God
4- Metropolis
5- The Count of Tuscany
6- The Root of all Evil
7- Afterlife
8- The Looking Glass
9- Forsaken
10- Peruvian Skies

French70's picture

1) metropolis
2) another day
3) spirit carries on
4) the mirror
5) to live forever
6) breaking all illusions
7) the great debate
8) six degrees of inner turbulence (the suite)
9) octavarium
10) finally free

Nightwing16's picture

Pull me Under
Metropolis Pt 1
Caught in a Web
As I Am
Hollow Years
Walk beside You
Constant Motion

Winterfar's picture

1.- Stream of Consciousness
2.- Home
3.- Another day
4.- Fatal Tragedy
5.- Breaking all illusions
6.- Octavarium
7.- Finally Free
8.- Illumination Theory
9.- Pull Me Under
10.- In the Name of God

AKexpress's picture

1 - Pull Me Under
2 - Take the Time
3 - The Spirit Carries On
4 - Home
5 - Ytse Jam
6 - Breaking All Illusions
7 - Illumination Theory
8 - The Count of Tuscany
9 - The Dance of Eternity
10 - Metropolis, pt 1

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1) Learning to Live
2) Count of Tuscany
3) Ytse Jam
4) Octavarium
5) The Spirit Carries On
6) Stream of Consciousness
7) Space-Dyed Vest
8) Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
9) Bridges in the Sky
10) Surrounded

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Its so incredibly difficult to make a top 10 list.. it differs from month to month really. Ill go through a Systematic Chaos phase then a BCSL followed by Awake. I propose a new twist on your topic. Top Live Songs.. I prefer some of these to the studio version

1. Instrumedley (Budokan)
2. Hollow Years (Budokan)
3. Beyond This Life (Budokan)
4. Raise the Knife (Score)
5. Only a Matter of Time (Budokan)
6. The Silent Man (Live Scenes from NY)
7. Surrounded (Chaos in Motion)
8. Afterlife (Score)
9. Trial of Tears (Budokan)
10. Take the Time (Once in a LIVEtime)

I had trouble putting them into order.. but there it is

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Great to see all the differences and similarities in the lists!
2-Illumination Theory
3-The Count of Tuscany
4-Bridges in the Sky
5-In the Presence of Enemies (can't separate it--I always listen to it as one song)
6-Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
7-The Bigger Picture
8-The Spirit Carries On
9-Metropolis, Part I
10-Breaking All Illusions
Almost impossible to narrow down to 10 and sure I will have another 15 or so I want to add as soon as I hit "post."

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Is your last Name, Gennders

Daveletticheeee's picture

Ok, will need to either refine choices or expand to a top 19 to make room for all of the tracks of the new album which, is just good!!!!

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1. Illusion Theory
2. The Great Debate
3. The Root of All Evil
4. In The Presence of Enemies Pt. II
5. Home
6. The Mirror
7. These Walls
8. In The Name of God
9. Misunderstood
10. Learning to Live

MatthewDearborn72's picture

You mean Illumination Theory, right?

Daveletticheeee's picture

Great choices!!!!