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Dream Theater Tour 2014

  • Dream Theater Tour 2014
    June 18, 2013 - 8:04am

    Dream Theater announce three dates of their upcoming world tour supporting their self titled release!

    1/16/2014 – Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid
    1/17/2014 - Anaitasuna in Pamplona
    1/18/2014 – St. Jordi Club in Barcelona

    Tickets On Sale This Wednesday, 19 - June - 2013!

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on June 18, 2013 - 8:04am

Dream Theater announce three dates of their upcoming world tour supporting their self titled release!

1/16/2014 – Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid
1/17/2014 - Anaitasuna in Pamplona
1/18/2014 – St. Jordi Club in Barcelona

Tickets On Sale This Wednesday, 19 - June - 2013!

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hello where is my photos Olympia in Paris 07/07/2014 ? Thanks.

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OK, so I'll be traveling to Norway in January 2015. Dream Theater will never come to my country (Dominica Republic) and I'm just wondering if there is any chance to see them in Norway while I'm there?

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Found this thread after doing a google re: sound quality. Saw the band last night (29th Oct) in Melbourne AUS at Palais Theater. The guys played hard and well but unfortunately for such a virtuoso group of players who have spent so much time on their craft honing their skills and sound the front house PA system was a total let down. Jordan was lost for 50% of the songs, John's 7 string growled the front speakers beyond their abilities on anything much below E and James' vocals were non discernible for most of the show apart from the quieter (acoustic / accompaniment) sections.

I believe the mix was at fault only partially and only for some of the time, it seemed more like a case of trying to poke a "500 pound gorilla through a 200 pound PA" issue. I've seen DT 3 times now in Melbourne - this is by far the worst sound setup so far, admittedly the other 2 shows did not have stellar sound either, with the tour previous to this (5 years ago) being the best.

Does not diminish my love for DT musically but after this one I'm not likely to venture out a 4th time unless specific mention was made to improve the front house sound, it was terrible. Some rabid fan was absolutely losing his S**T out the front after the show about it, and again YMMV depending on seating potentially - I've spoken to 3 other "groups", 2 agree and 1 thought it was "ok" sound.

Sorry for the poor live feedback, its not an indictment on the playing, the band or their efforts, they gave their all - but for me it was marred completely by a piece of crap sound system and at times well off mix.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am interested to buy some tickets for the upcoming concert on 26 Oct 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The website claims to sell the original ticket. Since the ticket seller is not yet listed on the official website, can you please confirm it?

Thank you.

Best regards,

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Has anybody heard any inside info as far as whether or not DT is going to return to the State before the end of the year or sometime during
the winter of 2015??

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I am in complete agreement with cornbread...what is up with not coming to the Southeast US with this show.....I have been a fan for almost your whole careers and my children and co-workers are big fans..... bring an evening with Dream Theater to Atlanta

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WTF? No Southeast (U.S.) shows?? Farthest south I saw was PA? Come on guys!!! How about Charlotte, NC or at least Atlanta?

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Now that you are coming to Australia you have to drop in in New Zealand! PLEASE! We love you! ;)

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When is DT playing again in the US??

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The show in Sofia 29/07/2014 was full with energy, the crowd was incredible, the sound (despite the awful hall) was good(after the intermission), but it will be the last time i go to a DT concert in the line-up. There was a BIG hole when they played songs from Awake, SFAM, etc(unfortunately it is even in the Luna Park). These shoes are very big(and specific) and it seems the new guy struggles to to fit in. I never thought i would be dissapointed after a DT show.

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Are there any news on the Asian tour?
Will there be a concert in Bangkok this time?

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Hello everyone:)
I am sorry that the reason for my first post here is about a GREAT MISUNDERSTANDING AND FOLLY of Bulgarian organizarors for your tour 2014..... The Festivalna Hall Sofia, Bulgaria... is the declared place for the concert on 29th of July.... All of your fans here are disappointed....The Festivalna Hall is the most awful place that Sofia Music Enterprises can master-mind. This is a very small hall with no ventilation and without any possibility for good sound.... It`s a shame...
Please.....please.... do something....!!!
Let this post be like a request from all of you fans here, that live for the day when YOU will come....
Yeah.... we are waiting for you :))))

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Sunday’s show at Mesa, Arizona, was at a surprisingly small (1600 seats, sold out), but excellent venue I have not had the pleasure of attending before. I have seen five shows before this, starting with the Awake tour at a bar in Tempe. This time I was thrilled to bring my 13 year old daughter, who is learning “Wait for Sleep” on piano. Although they failed to play this song Sunday, the selection was outstanding. I very much enjoyed the older tunes. I of course have mixed feelings about the new lineup, but Mangini brings such a positive energy, always that boyish, genuine smile, and his technique that suggests it is much easier to do the impossible things he is doing back there. As a keyboardist myself, I am always amazed by Rudess’ prowess, and his hydraulic keyboard stand absolutely destroyed me! James’ rapport with the audience was easy and real, and the pipes were in good order. Myung is an island, and sitting as close as we were, it was absolutely fascinating to watch him play! Petrucci tore through a series of different colors of the same guitar, exhibiting the mastery of his instrument all night. Trim the goat beard, though... We definitely got our money’s worth, and I have passed the torch on to another generation.

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Attended Riverside show last night. The band was tight in all facets, the sound was spot on. This is my 2nd performance and they do not disappoint. Happy Bday Mr. Mangini, and from your reaction it really was a surprise the band did more than just mention it (yes-we all sang to him) may you have many-many more. Almost 3 full hours of music and worth every penny for entertainment. Just a note to JP, perhaps it's ole fashioned of me but no guitar solo seemed to leave a small void in the show - at least for me. You must understand Sir your ability and virtuosity on that instrument are part of the allure and draw DT fans to bands live performances. I fully understand the volumes of music performed tonight would/did quench all/me DT fans thirst for live material - perhaps that was your intent - the band. Oh Yes, Grats on 20yrs for Awake, still relevant music although for me DT maturity is noticeable. One last notice Mr.P your words/lyrics have reached status of the greatest rockers of all time - dare I say Mr.Peart I would expect to give you the knowing nod of approval. ~JMS (The bands humble admirer for all time) Have a great tour, see you next time around - ok now whens the next album :-)

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I attended last night's show in Denver with my wife and two sons, ages 10 and 15. The concert tickets for the whole family were a birthday gift for my 15 year old son. He is a huge fan and the tickets were All he wanted for his birthday. Dream Theater did not disappoint! The show was sensational. You all look like you are best friends having the time of your lives together. your relationships with each other and your fans shows in your music and performances.

Thank you to all the Members of dream theater for spending the evening rocking in a family friendly environment. I especially would like to thank James Labrie for calling out the idiot who wore fake boobs outside his shirt to an all ages concert. We sat in the front row, center, and I would also like to thank John Petrucci for giving my 10 year old son a fist bump during the show--you absolutely made his day, and also for giving both of my sons signature guitar picks at the end of the show. John, you made sure my older son received a pick after the Adult fan next to him reached over and caught the first pick you tossed. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

Best wishes to all of you for your continued success. We look forward to seeing you all again.
paul Rush

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First off, I'm 57 years old and this was the first concert I've been to in 32 years. yea, I know, thats a long time, but I used to work security for a private firm for concerts way back then and kind of got burnt out on them. I'm pretty much a recent fan of DT. I discovered them around 5 years ago when I heard their bootleg version of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Well, after hearing that I was hooked. So, I went out and got their CD Black Clouds and Silver Linings. Still my favorite CD. Now I have all of their music.

My cousin and I went to their concert in Minneapolis on Tuesday, April 8th at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center. It seats only 1000 people. From the opening song False Awakening Suite with the accompanying video to The Enemy Inside the entire place was spellbound. The volume was shattering. The band was tight, never missed a thing. I was screaming and whistling and tappin' and loving every minute of it. I couldn't stop grinning.

So, to John Myung, John Petrucci, James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess and Mike Mangini, thank you for a great ride. I look forward to another visit in the future.

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I was at Wembley Arena Friday night and the sound guy completely ruined the concert. At the end of the night I went to ask him if he'd had a stroke or something, but was informed he was busy. Ironic given that he had presumably been asleep for the last three hours. There was no bottom end at all for the first five songs. Somebody woke up half way into 'The Looking Glass' and things got much better. Then, after the intermission the sound was back to how it had been at the start. Petrucci sounded like he was playing through a practice amp. The sound remained dreadful for the rest of the night. I'd been so looking forward to 'Illumination Theory' but the effect was completely lost. How come none of the people at the sound desk noticed? We were smack in the middle of the second block on the floor. I've been to every tour since 'awake' and this was the first where the sound was this bad. This needs to be brought to the band's attention. All of their work is wasted if they can't trust the guy on the desk. Along with my £150 worth of tickets.

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I fully agree John. When DT used to play Hammersmith Apollo, the experience exceeded that of listening to the albums. Howecerr, I have seen them at Wembley before and, although not a patch on the smaller venues, the sound was perfectly acceptable. As I mentioned, they did sort the sound in the middle of the fifth track. But inexplicably after the intermission it reverted back to how it had been at the start. And was not adjusted again. This can't be blamed on anyone but the sound guys.

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So many of the venues these days have an in-house PA system that SUCKS - fine for jazz and theater production, not at all suitable for a true rock concert. I recently saw STYX in Las Vegas and the drums sounded as if they were under water in the next room.

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I saw dream theatre last night at Wolves civic. This was the first time I had seen the band and they exceeded my expectation. The only down side was the sound, it was to loud. You tended to lose the complex playing that they put into their music. I would be interested to know if the band read these comments as there as been a lot of negative feedback about the sound quality on this tour.

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Love the new Musicman Majesty guitars that John was playing.

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I was at the manchester gig on Thursday and have to agree with the comment below regarding the sound. I too was on the Petrucci side (up in the circle...row J) and it was fairly distorted on a number of occasions (mainly when the bass kicked in). I also agree that when Jordan was playing, it was fairly inaudible. This was the 10th time I have seen DT and unfortunately this was the worst in terms of sound quality....the playing was of course unbelievable but sort out your sound guy.....One of my favourite DT songs is The Shattered Fortress but it took me a couple of minutes before I realised that was what was being played on stage.....a real shame.

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Saw a good show At Wembley last night, a great set and a good three hours worth, unfortunately it was not a great show as the sound was distorted. all was good in the quieter passages but when the bass / drums kicked in it all went a bit wrong. I was sat at the side on the right hand side, petrucci side and poor old Jordon was playing his heart out (I guess) as you could only hear his solos. If it was the same sound guy as in Vienna I think you need to think again. I have seen DT on a number of occasions and this was the first time the sound was not clear. Still a really good night, just not a great one :-(

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Will DT be announcing further US tour dates?? Currently i see no south / southeast dates? Charlotte would be great!!!! (hint hint)

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Can you help me please? Where can I find photos Platinum Meet and Greet VIP from katowice (poland)? Thank you

papa vinar's picture

Dream Theater is my dream...
please make my dream or indonesian fans dt comes true, visit to indonesia again on twice, we'll miss and always waiting 4 u soon...

lets keep dt a live in indonesia,amin

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Is Dream Theater doing a second leg of touring in the summer? I am asking because I live in Albany, NY not near any of the venues. I have looked at boston, NYC, Philly, NJ, and LI and don't see any close to the stage tickets other than standing for the whole show in NYC. Not that I mind standing but, i'M SHORT (5'6") AND UNLESS i GET FRONT ROW, i'M SCREWED. Kind of reminds me of the Chance (poughkeepsie) on the fix for 96 tour. On top of that is the cost of the ticket, the cost of driving to NJ and taking the train in...add to that the cost of crashing a night in NJ rather than driving home sleepy. I'm getting tired thinking of it.