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Anybody Here Order The Box Set??

  • Anybody Here Order The Box Set??
    September 11, 2011 - 12:18am

    I ordered this on August 31, my payment was posted, but when I log into the website to check the status, nothings there. It does show when I ordered the box set of BCSL...but not the new one. Has anybody been sent the digital download notice or know if their set has been shipped? I have an email into customer service, just seeing if I'm the only one with this problem?

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on September 11, 2011 - 12:18am

I ordered this on August 31, my payment was posted, but when I log into the website to check the status, nothings there. It does show when I ordered the box set of BCSL...but not the new one. Has anybody been sent the digital download notice or know if their set has been shipped? I have an email into customer service, just seeing if I'm the only one with this problem?

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[quote=bugsyoz][quote=BigBunny][quote=Kashmir75]Oh, good! :) Well... not 'good' that we haven't got it, but it's relieving to hear that someone else in Australia hasn't got it yet. We'll probably be waiting ages. Postage can be quite slow to here.[/quote]

i'm hoping it arrives before the end of October. we have to be patient living down south ;) [/quote]

I ordered the thing, and paid the extra like 50 bucks for fast shipping. Flipping well kills me to see it sitting there on the shelf in JB :( [/quote]

Got back from my 5 weeks trip to USA/Canada and there it was waiting patiently for me at home. Nice work. It was worth the wait and all that, however the buck needs to stop somewhere in relation to the delay. As others have said, it's PRE ORDERED for a reason. I don't know about Big Bunny or other Aussies, but I actually made some international calls to find out if I could purchase via the site as Australia wasn't listed. A less than adequate turntable base doesn't cut it.....

Side note: we stayed at the Affinia Manhatten, directly opposite Maddison Square Gareden and its large electronic advertisement screen. There it was...DREAM THEATER, BEACON THEATRE. Nice. And no, our destinations did not line up at all with the DT tour. Talk about sh!tty. I did manage to see Blink 182 at the Honda Centre Anaheim. Small consolation.


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You're alucky guy, I gess, I'm still waiting, but glad for you!


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Oh that's weird, I thought everyone who ordered the box set would have received it by now. I live in Sweden and my box arrived like one and a half or two weeks ago. Anyways, good luck and have fun unboxing that bad boy. ;)

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I haven't received mine yet!! I ordered in July, i am starting to think that its better to have my money back, bad service!!

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This box set was a little cheaper than BC&SL... I just assumed that was b/c the outer box was better and the lack of a 'producer's edition'. But the overall quality is a a bit subpar - the coloring is off on the box, the litho should not even be called a litho, and the CD itself is nearly impossible to get out of it's holding spot. I ended up tearing mine slightly.

I don't think I'll be buying another box set in the future.

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Compared to the BC&SL box set...this one falls far behind. From the cheap looking litho to the just as cheap looking turntable mat..this was more than a little disappointing. Glad we got the gate-fold for the album's...but we should have received the stem's in this set as well. Is it just me or did these seemed to be rushed out so there were no more delay's....even a friend of mine ( who is not a DT fan ) said it looked cheap compared to BC&SL box set.

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I'm a little disappointed...

Unlike BCSL, the ADTOE box set doesn´t come with the "procucer´s edition": the separated tracks of each instrument. I became really, really, really disappointed with this.

And the "litho" is really low quality, as the poster they gave to fans at Meet and Greet.

Don´t know why they do this.....I think we deserve a little more...


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I just got my litho... is it really this low quality or maybe it's just the reprints that are? It just looks like it was printed from a laserjet printer on to card stock.

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No ticket 4 life, but the boxset itself is GREAT! Well worth the wait!!

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Frantiq, the "Ticket for Life" is stuck to the outside of the box so your wife could probably check it for you without having to unseal it. All she'd have to do is take it out of the cardboard box I'm guessing it came in and the ticket would be right there for her to see.

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My wife just called me to tell me my boxset has arrived!!!! Finally...but now I have to wait untill friday before I get home from work :'(
So no info on litho or ticket for life untill friday...

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Am I the only one who was missing the litho?

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At last! The box set has been delivered. Unfortunately, no Ticket For Life, but I already have the ticket for their concert in Zwolle (IJsselhallen), so I'm settled.

For those who don't have it yet: it's worth the wait. It really is! ;)

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mine finally arrived! i'm in Perth, Australia :) aussies keep an eye out!

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My box just arrived and I'm just about to unpack it. I'm sure the content is well worth the wait but it would be nice to find a [i]Ticket for Life[/i] hiding inside, some icing on the cake so to speak. :)

[b]Edit:[/b] No ticket inside. Well, I already have my tickets for this tour so I guess it's no big deal. It would have been awesome though. The box is great, I gave the 180 grammers a spin on my new record player (which of course is already making use of the branded DT slipmat) and I must say that it's a great collectors item. It goes really well next to my [i]Black Clouds & Silver Linings[/i] counterpart.

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Mine showed up today ! It's worth the wait

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I'm hoping you're right Andreas...that 'll give them a few extra days, but if it's not here this friday I will never be buying anything this way!

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Frantiqdrummer, I'm faced with the exact same situation. I contacted them and asked since I didn't receive any information and I was told "I can confirm that your order has been dispatched on 07/10/2011 via standard post" and that the delivery time for European orders is 1-7 business days. Note that the 7th was a Friday and that it actually says "business days" (Saturdays and Sundays don't count).

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As mentioned earlier, they send me an e-mail saying it has been send on the 7th of october and 'normally' it should arrive within 1-7 days...from the date of sending they won't give answers untill 30 days after sending for packages getting lost during I'll have to wait untill the 7th of november before I can do something...they say it has been send and so it is out of their hands now... :-s

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Sorry to say it, you may have to chase them up by now. I got mine last week. Can you call postal tracking? Do you have a product shipping code?

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[quote=Frantiqdrummer]Same here, 17th and still no boxset, damned :'( [/quote]

You may have to end up calling them...that's the only way I got any info regarding my order...pretty ridiculous.

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Same here, 17th and still no boxset, damned :'(

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October 13, still no box set.

I hope this won't take forever!

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I got an email from Warner that it has been sent october 7th and it will arrive within 1-7 days, so I will normally have it by the end of the week!!!!!!

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Finally, got mine today in Germany

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Well...then I hope my wife will call me someday this week that it has been delivered as well, so that when I get back home friday she gives it to me and I'll grab it and tell her I won't have time for her this weekend! :p

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I did not get any notification email that it had been sent. It just randomly showed up on my doorstep today. I wasn't expecting to see it til Christmas sometime! Still haven't got my Steven Wilson deluxe edition from the UK yet, though, and that shipped two and a half weeks ago.

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I still haven't received my boxset! This is getting a bit ridiculous imo... I ordered AND PAID this thing on July 29th and there's also no info sent by mail that it is has been shipped or something like that...I've only received the free download version and 2 weeks ago Warner replied that it would be sent somewhere within a week...

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FINALLY got mine today in the mail. Better late than never! :D It's a thing of beauty! Listening to the instrumental CD now. Now I need a turntable to play the LP version on, lol

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Just to add. The most annoying thing about this is the wrong info. I was informed by email last Tuesday that I would receive by today at the latests. No box set yet! And now it seems the quality might/is poor?