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    April 13, 2012 - 7:13am

    NO AUSTRALIAN TOUR =DEVESTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

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on April 13, 2012 - 7:13am

NO AUSTRALIAN TOUR =DEVESTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

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I am with you Gunga Din. The long wait has been very difficult. Like you point out, had we known that Australia would miss out, we could have considered making other plans to travel overseas etc. Obviously DT cant get to everywhere on every occasion, but the communication on this has been poor - and I am expecting better than that in future.

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Yeah. I'm cool with all of that. I was always hopeful of a tour but I do appreciate that logistically and financially we're probably not the easiest country to get to.

My only slight beef with the whole thing was that it was never really made clear if/when they'd come. There are fans (and I'm certainly one of them) who are quite happy to travel to see their favorite bands but without a full tour schedule it was difficult to justify the cost of an overseas trip to catch the guys in action when their was a possibility that they might make it here.

Oh well, life goes on...

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I'm not surprised in the slightest. Took years and years to come here the first time around, then we were lucky to have back-to-back visits.

The whole 'A Dramatic Turn' thing would be taking a hell of a lot out of the guys. Interview after interview after interview, promotion promotion promotion, show show show. And yes it would take a massive effort to come down under at this stage. And yes the $aud would have an impact. etc etc etc.

Shame, but it is what it is. Perhaps we will have a live album and/or dvd with those classic songs from Dramatic such as Outcry, Illusions, Bridges....

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All good comments Gunga Din and others.

The tour cost / ticket price is really just speculation on my part - we may never know the real reason.

So I now feel extremely fortunate to have attended both DT Australian Tours - I have heard In The Presence of Enemies live...I have heard Count of Tuscany live...I just wanted to hear Breaking All Illusions live!!!

And lets face it, I've been waiting since 1978 for Rush to tour Australia and that will never happen.

Australian Dream Theater fans hang in there.

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The other thing that I find challenging with not knowing is that it hasn't given fans any opportunity to try and see them elsewhere.

For example, many, many years ago when Iron Maiden weren't touring Oz (really showing my age here as that was probably 2004 when they were supported by Arch Enemy and Sonata Arctica) I planned a holiday to Japan to coincide with their visit (although I didn't necessarily tell my wife that's why I planned the holiday :)). They announced their tour schedule months in advance so I was able to make it work financially (with a little help from the bank).

Because it's still not clear if they are touring Oz or not, it's been impossible to even consider a similar sort of thing. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it is to plan a tour and I appreciate that this isn't an option for all Oz fans but with enough notice, it gives people the opportunity to look into travelling. Flights from Oz to some of those Asian destinations are actually pretty cheap these days so it could have been doable.

Oh well, I'll just send ultra positive vibes out and hope that we still have a few dates coming. I really need some good high quality music in my eardrums to blast away the screams of rabid 16yo One Direction fans that is now echoing in my skull. :)

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I couldn't agree more. We definitely deserve some statement one way or another.

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Either way, the band or their management should be aware of the concern in Australia from the loyal fans and make some statement. The Aussie fans deserve better than this.

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yeah it seems odd that it is a money thing!! but lets just hope they are organising something !!!

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Yeah, everything I've been reading everywhere on forums and posts over the last few weeks has been a lot of very positive excitement about DT coming to Oz so I can only assume some past experience has made them believe that it's not profitable or desirable to come and visit.

I just can't believe it's a money thing though. The Kallang Theatre where they're playing in Singapore holds 1,750 people (according to a quick google search which came up with [url=, but I could be looking at the wrong place) and I've got to think that even a single concert in Sydney or Melbourne would bring a much bigger crowd than that. The [url= Theater[/url] in Beiing also looks like it holds about 1,700 people. Actually, a few of the stadiums in the Asian leg are around the 2,000 to 2,500 seating capacity mark.

Maybe the strong Aussie dollar is hurting us!!!! :(

It would be nice to get some word either way though. Maybe there's dates planned later in the year or they're still ironing out the details of some dates in late May or early June. That's what I'm hoping anyway :)

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This is incredibly disappointing, particularly since their fan base appears to be growing in Australia. Or is that just my impression? It's almost inconceivable that they would play Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Korea but not the Australian cities. And nobody from Roadrunner or the band appears to be commenting on the reason. I do note however that on the last tour they dropped the ticket price for the Sydney concert in the last week. All the kiddies next to me at The Hordern paid half what I did. Perhaps it's just too expensive to come here.

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yeah i actually only found out about DT late 2010 so i didnt even see them in 2008 ;( they need to come back for their own show or like soundwave or something

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Yeah. I hear ya. I'm a bit baffled as to how they get so close without at least a couple of gigs in Australia.

Some kind of communication/justification either way would have been nice.

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Yes that is so bloody sad, another blow to the gut.
They playing in Jakarta Indonesia, Thailand, Japan etc. but no Australia or New Zealand tour. I have/ we have been waiting, what it feels like forever.
To say the least; I have written a few letters on this forum trying to get an answear from the DT camp about the tour schedule for OZ and I think I'll give up and can't be bothered anymore, the excitement have run out in the sand sort of speak.
Sorry, I love DT and what you have done musicly in the past, but it is fading slowly away, sorry fellows.


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Would be nice to get an official definitive comment :-)

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dammmmmmmmm!!!!!!! yeah thats the vid i was referring to !

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Well, I don't think there's been an official "we're not coming to Australia" announcement but in the announcement about the North American tour, it states:

The tour will bring the group to Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan and will conclude May 8 in Bangkok Thailand.

Which kind of implies that they're not touring between the Thailand gig and the North American tour. There's about 5 weeks between the end of the Asia tour and the North American tour but I'm thinking an Oz tour won't pop up in that void.

I saw a vid a few months back from JP saying they were coming to Oz. Is that the video you're referring to?

I can only assume that the plan changed...

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so who actually said this info ?? like the band or the...?? like who cus i saw a vid saying they were coming !!?!?!?!

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Yep. Absolutely gutted. I can't believe they get as close to Australia as Indonesia yet can't make it for a show or two.

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