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Best song you have heard from dt

  • Best song you have heard from dt
    July 28, 2012 - 4:14pm

    I would say the dark eternal night is my fav

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on July 28, 2012 - 4:14pm

I would say the dark eternal night is my fav

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Serena Bini '00's picture

Octavarium is my favourite one! :)

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Metropolis Pt. 1 definitely. One of the first Dream Theater songs I've ever heard and it stuck with me on the first listen. It's goddamn beautiful and creates the most fantastical and awesome images in my head on every listen. There's a wide range of emotion going on in there as well, and in my mind creates this epic story with an epic and heart-felt finale all within just 9 and a half minutes, which, by Dream Theater standards, is pretty short.

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On one hand, octavarium, is THE EMBODIMENT of everything that is dream theater.

They've said it the selfs.

But personally, lyrically, in the name of god is my favorite. Any person of faith will listen to that song and think "shit religion does cause violence"

But you can't pass up breaking all illusions. It's got everything you need.

Complicated music structure

Progressive as fuck

Sexy as fuck

Balls deep lyrics


The sexiest guitar solo in dt history

Keyboard guitar unison

Real life lesson

John myung lyrics

Extremely thought provoking

See sexy as fuck

Powerful ending

Orgasm the entire time.

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Octavarium for me too.

Trail of Tears is my other favorite song, but I love Octavarium so much!

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About most of the entire DT's discography is great but I definitly will chose...

[b] [size=18]O C T A V A R I U M[/size] [/b]

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Well first post guys and gals lm from the UK ...
Fave songs well theres to many
Change of seasons
Best of Times
Count of tuscany
Spirit carries on
In the name of God
Another day
Beneath the surface
Plus the Black clouds and Dramatic turn of events cds are simply awesome all through..

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I would say for versitilty and musicalality the best song for me is Misunderstood! That song has everything and the emotion is enlicits!!! But mabie thats just me!

fb_fabricio_do_carmo_gomes's picture

every songs!!!

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Like so many other DT fans... so hard to choose! Either [i]The Glass Prison[/i] or [i]Octavarium[/i]. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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A Change of Seasons ! i learn about my life by this song ! SIEZE THE DAY | CARPE DIEM

cygnusx1jg's picture

Under 8 minutes----Wither

Over 8 minutes, but not an "epic"---Scarred

"Epic"---A Change of Seasons

pinoonthego's picture

I would have to say although and oldie .... Learning to Live !!!!

fb_norman_ottley's picture

I think a change of seasons is one of my many favourites as it shows how versatile they are and their many facets.

George Elliot's picture

Favorite song? Hmmm... I would have to say that my favorite song changes constantly. When I first became a fan I liked their shorter song a lot more, now I am really into their longer songs. Right now, I would have to say it is a cross between A Change of Seasons and In the Presence of Enemies. I spliced the two parts of ItPoE together because I like it better that way. And the other day I gave ACoS a good hard listen and was blown away. I never really appreciated it much before then. My very close second would be The Count of Tuscany, and my third place songs would be In the Name of God, Sacrificed Sons, and Home.

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I'd say that Octavarium is their real "masterpiece", but I feel that The Count of Tuscany deserves an honorary mention as well. Most of my favorite tracks are from the "Images and Words" to "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" era though but there's something about these two really long and epic tracks that just overwhelm me each time I listen to them, especially Octavarium.

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A Change of Seasons, for me. That song slays!!!!!

BTW--- Happy New Year Everyone! :)

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woah!...its really difficult to choose 1 cuz all dream theater songs r awesome!!!

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Breaking All Illusions right now but so so many to choose from!

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Mines Breaking All Illusions right now!!!

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@JeffG94110: I think yhe same ...but in surrounded of chaos in motion PETRUCCI plays a bit of "mother" of PINK FLOYD and not "comfortably numb" ...for sure: I grew up with PINK FLOYD and reborn with DREAM THEATER ;)

MattSoden's picture

I would say

The Spirit Carries On

Have always loved it, it's so beautiful.

But I do love "Finally Free"

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Another vote for Octavarium: great song from a great album. Other contenders would include Blind Faith, Solitary Shell, Hell's Kitchen/Lines In The Sand, The Count of Tuscany, Finally Free, These Walls and This Is The Life.

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Octavarium is my fav. And also "As I Am"

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there are so much songs to be considered but my favorite one is a change of seasons

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i think the most impressive song is Six degrees (the song) but the best would probably have to be anything of scenes from a memory

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A Mind Beside Itself.

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It's really hard to pick just one song. Nice to see Surrounded mentioned here, it's a great song.
I'd like to vote for Lost not forgotten, I can't stop listening to it. Another one would be Under a glass moon.

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Really hard to choose one... maybe The Dance of Eternity, or Stream of Consciousness...or Breaking All Illusions...


Can't choose! Bye. :(

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Octavarium is definitely the most influential for me.

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"Octavarium" has to be my all time favorite DT song with its multiple parts and epic build up to a frenzied climax and gentle kiss goodbye. It just seems to hit basically all of DT's different sounds at one point or another, while still being a cohesive work.

Gotta say, it's neat to see others out there who love "Surrounded" even more than I do. I especially like the extended live version off CHAOS IN MOTION, where Petrucci throws in a bit of the solo from "Comfortably Numb" and LaBrie adds a bit of Marillion's "Sugar Mice."