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Bridges in the sky

  • Bridges in the sky
    May 8, 2012 - 2:45pm

    I love the new cd i suffer from major depression and this song really helps me on a daily basis thank you for this song

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on May 8, 2012 - 2:45pm

I love the new cd i suffer from major depression and this song really helps me on a daily basis thank you for this song

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@conment, oh yeah! Its been almost 3 years he's doing great! Talks about what he saw and experienced helped him see the world through clearer eyes and he feels a better understanding about life and death.

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Many Years ago I went through a nasty divorce and became a recovering alcoholic. Learning To Live was and is my mantra.

All you can do is to learn to live with whatever is placed on your path.

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I believe this song demonstrate clearly what's going on with the world nowadays. People are connecting theirselves, finding their own truth, to give senses for their lifes.
All of this with deep understanding and spirituality.


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@Psygnosis99: Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

And thanks for sharing. Wow, that sounds like it's powerful stuff. I'm glad to hear your friend is doing better. Now I'm wondering how long has it been for him and how he's holding up?

[quote=Psygnosis99] ...I want to try it someday, though I'm a little worried about how I'd do, heh. ... [/quote]

Hmmm. I've been thinking about this and what to say to caution your choice. In my personal experience and based on the testimony of other's I know that are followers of Christ, I would not advise inviting spirit guides and using drugs to experience the spiritual realm. All that glitters is not gold in the end. You may not be a believer, but my theology and experience has taught me that "perfect love casts out fear", even hidden inner core pain. There are "signs that follow those who believe". I'm no expert, I'm a veteran who has his struggles, but I'd be careful with all this. In fact, I really hope you don't get involved with it at all. It might seem good on the front end, but not turn out so good on the back end. :)

Here's a short video that was just shared with me to illustrate what happens when believing believers encounter spirits. I don't know these people, but I have respect for their church and ministry so I believe it's legit.

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[quote=Ytsejam58]To me, I think Vacant, Goodnight Kiss (I saw a plane crash while listening to this song :( ) and Repentance are kind of depressing songs. those are the ones i usually skip over.

Sorry DT[/quote]

:( Hey Ytse, sorry to hear this man. I've recently started having flashbacks related to a plane crash I was involved with. I don't think a Shaman is the answer, but because I was surprised when it happened to me I thought I'd give you a heads up.

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Some lines from Bridges that match ayahuasca trips exactly ..
Blackness awakens, Visions come alive, seeing through darkness with borrowed eyes
the fabric of reality is tearing apart. the piece of me that died will return to live again
feeling myself slip away, suddenlt dreaming awake, hidden memories flooding back
I will not grow in the light until I pass through the darkest caverns of my heart
spirit guide erase the world outside
to the power of the Earth Im calling (ayahuasca shamans call the spirit that guides you during the trip the Mother Earth)
Crossing bridges in the sky (people experience flying through space often) On a journey to renew my life

I mean cmon, what else can this song be about?

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Who knows, maybe some folks in the band have had some spiritual uplifting experiences with psychedelics .. kinda like most bands that produce great music right? ;)
My friend just had some things he wanted to work out about himself and struggles in life so he went to Brazil and joined a Shaman circle with 7 other people, where they drink ayahuasca and basically for 5-6 hours, you're not in this reality. The experience has been very similar for a lot of people over thousands of years .. brilliant geometric shapes and wild realities you can actually interact with and roam in ... a lot of people think they're actually dead and deal with some sort of beings 'eating' them or worse .. so the death and rebirth motif is there. My friend worked through four really deep seated problems he wasn't dealing with on the outside, two of which he didn't know where there at all. He said it was VERY tough, he had to work through 'puzzles' to get through each ordeal, but it wasn't all dark and horrific. He's completely certain that there's something more than this reality now, and after he came back into his body he was ecstatic and felt cleansed and lighter than he ever felt. Says life is so much easier to deal with now, like the volume has been turned down on all the BS in life and in himself.
Pretty crazy stuff but cool! I want to try it someday, though I'm a little worried about how I'd do, heh. Everyone says the same thing, the more you fight it, the worst and scarier the trip is. You really have to let go completely. Everyone says once you do, you aren't connected with your body in any way, and have no sense of self or past or future, you just 'are', and experience space and time in a completely different way.
Anyone interested look up Rick Strassman, he performed human studies with DMT in the 90s, though he injected people with it straight. The effect was MUCH faster and harder than ayahuasca, people have no sense of this reality at all within 10 seconds, and come back in just about five minutes. Not enough time to navigate realities or learn about deep problems to work through, and people complained of how fast and hard and scary the onset is.
Crazy but cool!

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Bridges in the Sky does have a very uplifting melody!

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Hi! I suffered of depression too in the past years and music helped me a lot! DT always have the ability to cheer me up when I'm sad and the one I prefer to listen to is "Spirit carries on".
Keep on fighting and you'll find your way out. A big hug.

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To me, I think Vacant, Goodnight Kiss (I saw a plane crash while listening to this song :( ) and Repentance are kind of depressing songs. those are the ones i usually skip over.

Sorry DT

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@tom: Right on man! I wrestle with depression too, so I appreciate your posting this.

To me, DT's music can be helpful with expressing depressive thinking and getting rid of it. The darker themes can be harmful though because if I stick with expressing them repeatedly and with such powerful music I can become depressed. It's kinda like two friends that are depressed making each other feel better because the other one understands, but because their depressed they don't have another way of seeing the world. :)

For me, ADToE's... This Is The Life, Outcry and..
[quote=Ytsejam58]i think Breaking all Illusions is really good too[/quote]

@Psy: I didn't know that. Makes you wonder if anyone in the band did that or knows anyone personally who did. What happened with your friend?

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Ytse, the final melodies and chords of Illusions almost makes me cry every time, so epic and cinematic and powerful, the slow down at the very end for sure... It feels like the ending of a giant adventure or chapter in life!

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The song is extremely uplifting and powerful and kind of captures the spirit of the ayahuasca experience, no wonder it has healing effects for you! Awesome. Also, theres a reason the song was originally named The Shaman's Trance :)

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Bridges is my favorite song on the album, though Illusions is a true classic. Bridges reminds me of when my best friend went to Central America and joined a shaman circle and took ayahuasca. DMT is the most powerful psychedelic known to man and works wonders for emotional and spiritual healing the past thousands of years. Look it up and research the testimonies of some people who took it and several lines in the song match it 100%

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i think Breaking all Illusions is really good too