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Dream Theater Cover Band 0 n/a
Dream Theater and the Occupy movement 6
Dream Theater 360 app 2
Dream Theater 0 n/a
dramatic turn dvd 1
Does James Labrie play any instruments. 8
Do you plan on making this your new DT forum home? 95
do any members of the band read this board 1
Discrimination still live and well in the US 6
Discovered you 20 YEARS AGO AND NOW? I'm 51. 1
Disappointed 2
Did you know the keyboard tech and bass tech have their own FB Page" 0 n/a
Demo of my prog rock band 0 n/a
Deluxe edition 7
Dear Mr. Mangini 36
Crying girl at Luna Park 0 n/a
Cream Theater... 2
Craving next album!!!! 0 n/a
Coping with the death of a loved one 7
Cool new site! 83
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contacts 0 n/a