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New Album! 14
Anyone into Periphery? 16
The one and only DT cd you were allowed to take with you... 16
Best guitar solo by JP according to you? 16
Have you heard "The Enemy Inside" yet? 16
Why do you feel the need to write and participate so passionately in an online forum? 16
Retro members 17
Why People bash JP 17
Whatever happened to leaving comments on News items? 17
What are you guys listening to right now? 17
A year since the EVENT 17
The Bacon Thread 18
Question about Progressive Rock/Metal 20
Itchy, are you there 21
Similar bands? 22
What 3 Dream Theater Songs Get To You're Heart When You Are Down? 23
Ticket for Life 24
So..., what's up? 24
The Porcupine Tree Thread 24
what kind of equipment do you have 25
Frequently asked questions/getting around initial quirks with this message board 25
Your Dream Concert? 26 temporarily down for site upgrade later today 27
Post the song you're listening to 31
NEW ALBUM !!! 31