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Webstore?? 3
Weird Question 4
What 3 Dream Theater Songs Get To You're Heart When You Are Down? 20
What are you guys listening to right now? 17
What DT song should have been nominated for a Grammy? 6
What got you hooked on Dream Theater? 91
What is your favorite DT album? 61
what kind of equipment do you have 25
What's with this new website and forum 1
Whatever happened to leaving comments on News items? 17
When dream and day unite on the Canadian iTunes Store? 0 n/a
who do you think does best in dt jordan rudess or petrucci 1
Who else here likes Megadeth? 0 n/a
Who would you compare my band to 1
Who's your favorite DT bandmember? 36
Why are the i's and l's highlighted? 0 n/a
Why do you feel the need to write and participate so passionately in an online forum? 15
Why does it ask for Tshirt size and Shipping info on your profile? 9
Why People bash JP 17
Won a Ticket for Life... What now? 3
worst decision and album Ever! 2 ~ Artwork Contest ~ UPDATE: 10 DAYS LEFT!!! 0 n/a
Yes! 1
Your Dream Concert? 26
your song saved me 2