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Bad Salad 2
Awesome free compilation: "The New Generation of Prog" 3
Australian Tour?? 2
Artworks from the new album 2
Are there any of DT members here? 11
anyone know the winners of the lyrics video contest? 5
Anyone into Periphery? 16
Anyone from Vancouver, Canada? 0 n/a
Anyone Else Having Trouble with Roadrunner Records Website? 3
Anybody see Opeth or Devin Townsend this weekend in Minneapolis? 0 n/a
Any old school board members here ? 2
An Open Letter of Inspiration 0 n/a
An official thank you to Dream Theater \m/ 3
An Endless Sporadic 1
Amazing Prog band I just heard 0 n/a
Alessandro Bertoni solo album Prod. by D. Sherinian 1
Album Review 0 n/a
Album release tour dates? 1
ADToE Box Sets 11
ADTOE Album Artwork 12
Account Help 0 n/a
About Bridges in the Sky... 0 n/a
Able to find the variation of the "Change of seasons" theme? 0 n/a
A year since the EVENT 17
A strange turn of events tour 0 n/a