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Brand new track featuring Derek Sherinian 1
The count of Tuscany 1
07/12/2013 6
Petruccism 1
What are you guys listening to right now? 17
Best song you have heard from dt 33
So..., what's up? 24
Chicago BlackHawks WIN Stanley Cup! 2
What got you hooked on Dream Theater? 91
Is there anyBrony out there? 2
A Dream Theater / Harry Potter Music Video 1
DT lyrics in "Mama" movie 2
Guitar/Drum solo at Moses Lake High School Talent Show! Youtube channel 777mystical 1
If anyone in southern CA needs a James for a DT tribute band, you've found your guy 6
Cream Theater... 2
The Crimson King 9
The one and only DT cd you were allowed to take with you... 16
Official Release date for Live at Luna Park 2
Coping with the death of a loved one 7
Favorite DT lyrics 4
Guitar picks dat fresh feel 0 n/a
Best guitar solo by JP according to you? 16
The Crimson King 5
Pledge Music - Jordan Rudess Explore Project 1
Ticket for Life - Anyone used it? 9