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Happy Halloween 2012 0 n/a
Fan Club 1
Rectified 0 n/a
Check out new band recorded @Neal Morse's studio, using Portnoy's drum kit! 3
Who else here likes Megadeth? 0 n/a
First singer for DT? 5
Bad Salad 2
For fans of Dream Theater: Check our FreeThought's debut single "Faith in the Faithless" 3
Similar bands? 22
jordan rudess the eight fingered man 0 n/a
Dream Theater 0 n/a
Fan Club 1
DT Rock am ring festival 0 n/a
fan club 0 n/a
who do you think does best in dt jordan rudess or petrucci 1
Southeast Tour? 0 n/a
Majesty symbol spotted in show coming to NBC? 4
John Petrucci Has Eight Fingers on Each Hand -- A Seussian Ode 10
A Funny Dream Theater Meme 6
Help for my boyfriend?! 0 n/a
do any members of the band read this board 1
The meaning of the Dream Theater Logo 3
Kybd music 0 n/a
Amazing Prog band I just heard 0 n/a