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DT helps deal with a range of emotion. 1
I want to send them a letter. 2
A Mind By Itself. 3
Mike Manginni, the best choice for DT ? 7
Hello 5
Ice Age? 0 n/a
Is this Really Portnoy acting crazy in Berlin? 7
Help me with the T-Shirts in the store!! :( 1
important question. Can anyone help? 7
Check out this awesome band I just joined: M.I.GOD. 0 n/a
Anyone from Vancouver, Canada? 0 n/a
Post the song you're listening to 31
Poll: Should Flying Colors Open For Dream Theater? 1
Discovered you 20 YEARS AGO AND NOW? I'm 51. 1
When dream and day unite on the Canadian iTunes Store? 0 n/a
Grammy Disgust. 7
Some questions about bass for mr.Jonh mynug 1
An Open Letter of Inspiration 0 n/a
The Ultimate Show 3
band store 0 n/a
Please do not cancel the Beijing show! 0 n/a
Please do not cancel the Beijing show! 0 n/a
Prog Archives 0 n/a
About Bridges in the Sky... 0 n/a
Geography Lesson 0 n/a