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How to contact 2
How the heck do I change my Profile Picture!? 1
How Dream Theater music has impacted my life 2
Hilarious Dream Theater Medley 1
Hi Everyone 6
Hi 0 n/a
Help me with the T-Shirts in the store!! :( 1
Help me help a friend.... 3
Help for my boyfriend?! 0 n/a
Help a new member, please? 2
Hello!!! 12
Hello 5
Headlong Flight 2
Have you heard "The Enemy Inside" yet? 16
Has Dream Theater Impacted Your Life? 3
Has any of their songs connected with you? 2
Harmagedon 0 n/a
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! 9
Happy New Year! 2
Happy Halloween 2012 0 n/a
Happy Birthday, JM! 3
Guthrie Govan 1
Guitar/Drum solo at Moses Lake High School Talent Show! Youtube channel 777mystical 1
Guitar picks dat fresh feel 0 n/a