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Banter & Brawl

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Melting Ice Caps 1
Menu graphic at the beginning of Live at Luna Park 0 n/a
Merry-Xmas 1
Metropolis Part 2 Play? 7
Mike Mangini Tribute 0 n/a
Mike Manginni, the best choice for DT ? 7
Mike Portnoy speaks THE TRUTH about the lawsuit 3
Monster Mash by DT 0 n/a
My "In The Name Of God" Vocal & Guitar Cover 1
My Cover 1
My drums 8
My Travels In Dream Theater Land 2
My tribute to Dream Theater 0 n/a
Need Help Looking For A Singer In NJ USA. 0 n/a
NEW ALBUM !!! 31
New Album! 14
New Drummer 3
NEW DVD !! 6
New Mike Portnoy Interview - Talks about Dream Theater 2
new shirt 0 n/a
New successor to Mike Portnoy for Dream Theater 2
New video 1
Newbie 7
Newton Conn massacre 2