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Great new Website, love the new look. 1
Grand Finale - Losing Time on SampleWiz 0 n/a
Grammy nomination 2
Grammy Disgust. 7
Grammy awards 9
Good home wanted for DT related domain name (and possibly content) 1
Glass Prison Jazz cover 0 n/a
Get to know each other! 103
Geography Lesson 0 n/a
Full Sail? 0 n/a
Frog Burp! 2
Frequently asked questions/getting around initial quirks with this message board 25
For Sale DT Fan club magazines 2
For fans of Dream Theater: Check our FreeThought's debut single "Faith in the Faithless" 3
Food v.nomnomnom 7
Folk Music 2
First singer for DT? 5
First post - been here forever 0 n/a
FF isn't HardRock or Metal 6
Female fans 51
Favorite musicans who played with members of DT 2
Favorite DT lyrics 4
Favorite album performance by each member? 8
fan sheet music 1
fan club 0 n/a