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New video 1
Favorite musicans who played with members of DT 2
Who's your favorite DT bandmember? 36
Anyone into Periphery? 16
Happy Birthday, JM! 3
your song saved me 2
John Petrucci Portrait 2
What DT song should have been nominated for a Grammy? 6
Vacant - vocal cover 1
worst decision and album Ever! 2
New Drummer 3
Todd & The Book of Pure Evil 0 n/a
LOVE 0 n/a
bridges in the sky 9
An official thank you to Dream Theater \m/ 3
Why People bash JP 17
Poll: How old are you DT fan? 137
Rush 8
Happy New Year! 2
celebrities 0 n/a
Frog Burp! 2
An Endless Sporadic 1
Merry-Xmas 1
Your Dream Concert? 26
New successor to Mike Portnoy for Dream Theater 2