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Zooey Deschanel and Dream Theater 2
your song saved me 2
Your Dream Concert? 26
Yes! 1 ~ Artwork Contest ~ UPDATE: 10 DAYS LEFT!!! 0 n/a
worst decision and album Ever! 2
Won a Ticket for Life... What now? 3
Why People bash JP 17
Why does it ask for Tshirt size and Shipping info on your profile? 9
Why do you feel the need to write and participate so passionately in an online forum? 16
Why are the i's and l's highlighted? 0 n/a
Who's your favorite DT bandmember? 36
Who would you compare my band to 1
Who else here likes Megadeth? 0 n/a
who do you think does best in dt jordan rudess or petrucci 1
When dream and day unite on the Canadian iTunes Store? 0 n/a
Whatever happened to leaving comments on News items? 17
What's with this new website and forum 1
what kind of equipment do you have 25
What is your favorite DT album? 61
What got you hooked on Dream Theater? 91
What DT song should have been nominated for a Grammy? 6
What are you guys listening to right now? 17
What 3 Dream Theater Songs Get To You're Heart When You Are Down? 23