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Dream Theater's Dynamic Range 0 n/a
scenes from a memory 25
The evolution of JP's tone 0 n/a
Live Album with Mike Mangini? 15
Best cover of a DT song. 1
8 year old drummer playing DT 0 n/a
Metropolis Pt 1 Drums Cover 0 n/a
On the Backs of Angels Cover! 0 n/a
my first 0 n/a
The new album sounds great! 0 n/a
Bass Lesson "John Myung" Progressive Bass Concepts. 0 n/a
How can I unlock bonus material for my Train of Thought? 1
Black Clouds disc 2 favorite? 4
A Dramatic Turn of Events theory 6
Raw Dog 2
Dramatic Turn DVD 3
Old Majesty Video 1987 0 n/a
Eve....Such a beautiful song 0 n/a
Bridges in the sky 15
How long has the band dissaproved of Portnoy's direction? 4
Happy Anniversary 3
Witch drum machine did DT use for the latest album? 2
Least favorite? 28
No ones really mentioned this! 3
New LIVE DVD coming out soon! 3