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I have mine, do you have yours? 2
How many shows are you going to see on this tour? 8
How many DT albums do you own 39
How long has the band dissaproved of Portnoy's direction? 4
How can I unlock bonus material for my Train of Thought? 1
How can I dowload " A Dramatic Turns Of Events" 2
Hi Guys 2
Has anyone else noticed? 1
Happy Anniversary 3
Guys, you are the sense of the life 0 n/a
Greatest Metal Guitarist 0 n/a
Greatest Metal Album Ever!!! 0 n/a
Great Review Of The New Dream Theater Album 0 n/a
Grade the songs in A Dramatic Turn of Events 19
Glad to have rediscovered Dream Theater. 11
Fxx waht happned ! 5
forsaken 1
First time poster! 10
Finally The New Album Release Date, Dream Theater, (DREAM THEATER) YEP! 1
favorite album 0 n/a
Far From Heaven 13
Fan Favourite Songs 8
Fan club and official bootleg releases 0 n/a
Falling Into Infinity is severely underrated. 43
Falling into Infinity 19