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second best album since awake 0 n/a
Death Waltz 0 n/a
To me Scenes is just one long song broken into smaller parts. 8
ADTOE Tab Book 1
What DT song helps inspire you? 7
Any Ideas on the "Four Events" on ADTOE 9
Dream Theater and Politics don't mix - UGH 34
Best Song On ADTOE 21
ADTOE - Bonus DVD (What song is this???) 1
Sublime, epic, dramatic.. 0 n/a
So who got a "golden ticket"? 1
New CD: A Dramatic Turn Of Events 2
Did DT ever address the charting question? 6
So what happens with A Nightmare to Remember? 17
New ADTOE Music Video? 12
A Dramatic Turn Of Events That Lead To A Dramatic Change of Music 7
This Is The Life 23
Lyrics and Awakening 4
New Album 21
Bridges In The Sky 2
When will we know ADTOE place on the charts? 17
Live at Budokan Blu-ray 8
Dream Theater for Mom 16
How many shows are you going to see on this tour? 8