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Discovery Dream Theater 0 n/a
Digital download 1
Did DT ever address the charting question? 6
depressed 10
Deluxe Bar Code Bonus Content 2
Death Waltz 0 n/a
dark eternal night 12
Cover The best of times (solo) ! 0 n/a
Chaos In Motion Missing 0 n/a
Budakon on blu-ray 6
Bridges In The Sky 2
Bridges in the sky 15
Breaking the fourth wall (Live from the Boston Opera House) 1
Breaking all Illusions, Lyrics Subliminal @ 2:25 Approx. 2
Breaking All Illusions is the best DT song in years... 6
Breaking All Illusions 2
Box Set will be late 2
Black Clouds disc 2 favorite? 4
Best Song On ADTOE 21
Best Live Album(s) 1
Best DT recorded guitar solo? 14
Best cover of a DT song. 1
Beneath the Surface (cover version) 0 n/a
Beneath The Surface 39