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Dream Theater Releases "Dream Theater" Sept 24, 2013 31
Dream Theater - "Dream Theater" Tracklist and Artwork! 18
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Rank the DT Albums v. Because It Had to Happen 98
Poll: What Was The First Dream Theater Song You Heard? 67
What Musical Direction Would You Like DT To Take Next? 5
I want a "the making of (instert album here)" DVD 0 n/a
Just bought a DT album and can't play it,"cd key enabled music" 1
Not sure why i can't listen ToT CD through my pc 1
Where do I use isolated tracks of Black Clouds & Silver Linings? 1
Accepting Disappointment 77
Metropolis Pt 2 scream 0 n/a
Meet & Greet 0 n/a
24 bit downloads 1
Cover The best of times (solo) ! 0 n/a
Possible script or screenplay adaptation for Scenes from a Memory 0 n/a
"This is the life" -Uriah Heep revisited? 5
“Dream Theater” – The MIX, MUSIC and REDEMPTION 4
Thank you for the Happy Holidays 2013 0 n/a
What is Going on With the Live at Luna Park Formats? 1
suggestion 1
Dream theater Live at Luna Park Review 0 n/a
John Petrucchi 0 n/a
Live At Luna Park & iTunes 3
My Play Direct Issues 0 n/a