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Dream Theater Releases "Dream Theater" Sept 24, 2013 31
Dream Theater - "Dream Theater" Tracklist and Artwork! 18
Rules 0 n/a
Test, just a test 0 n/a
Breaking the fourth wall (Live from the Boston Opera House) 1
John Petrucci solo album 0 n/a
Poll: What Was The First Dream Theater Song You Heard? 68
Rank the DT Albums v. Because It Had to Happen 96
What Musical Direction Would You Like DT To Take Next? 5
I want a "the making of (instert album here)" DVD 0 n/a
Just bought a DT album and can't play it,"cd key enabled music" 1
Not sure why i can't listen ToT CD through my pc 1
Where do I use isolated tracks of Black Clouds & Silver Linings? 1
Accepting Disappointment 77
Metropolis Pt 2 scream 0 n/a
Meet & Greet 0 n/a
24 bit downloads 1
Cover The best of times (solo) ! 0 n/a
Possible script or screenplay adaptation for Scenes from a Memory 0 n/a
"This is the life" -Uriah Heep revisited? 5
“Dream Theater” – The MIX, MUSIC and REDEMPTION 4
Thank you for the Happy Holidays 2013 0 n/a
What is Going on With the Live at Luna Park Formats? 1
suggestion 1
Dream theater Live at Luna Park Review 0 n/a