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Dream Theater Tour 2014 45
"Along For The Ride" An Evening With Dream Theater European Tour 2014 (Full List) 39
Zwolle, The Netherlands, 01/02/2012 0 n/a
your dream.. my dreams 0 n/a
would you come to see a show in ohio 5
World tour in Indonesia 0 n/a
With the legend of progressive rock...... 0 n/a
Will Dream Theater ever play in Alabama...? 0 n/a
Will Dream Theater come to Mexico City soon? 1
Will Canada Montreal be part of their tour soon ? 0 n/a
Why only one show in Canada on the final leg of the tour ? 1
Why missing old DT? 15
Why don't DT come to Brazil? 0 n/a
Why Cancelling the concert in Beijing? 1
Why Cancel the Chester PA Show? 5
Who was the Special Guest in Boston? 3
Which set do you prefer? (spoiler alert) 20
Which one would you say...? 13
where can we enjoy Dream Theater in denmark when they come an play in january.. 2
Where are all the boots from the North American tour? 5
Where and how i can pick up the purchased tickets 0 n/a
When? 0 n/a
When do Dallas (Verizon Theater "Grand Prairie") tickets go on sale? 20
when can dream theater come to LA? 0 n/a