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dark eternal night

  • dark eternal night
    November 17, 2011 - 10:54am

    I think this is one of dt's best songs just amazing anyone else think so

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on November 17, 2011 - 10:54am

I think this is one of dt's best songs just amazing anyone else think so

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As with all of Dream Theater's work, I can fully appreciate the level of effort that was put into it, but I just don't enjoy listening to an album like "Systematic Chaos." Way too metal for my taste.

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I agree with you 100%. This is just personal preference mind you, but it remains to this day one of my personal favourites in DT's catalogue. It is responsible for getting me interested in the band, and therefore checking out all their earlier works. I still listen to the song today when I do almost anything. Fantastically written song, a true metal epic!

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For me, it is the only DT song i can't stand or even listen to. I don't like the scream/talk/rap thing. The lyrics do not appeal to me at all. It makes it too tough for me to listen to the musical genius behind it. I just really hate the song.,,and I've been a DT fan since '91.

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The Dark Eternal Night made me a FAN of Dream Theater. Of course I knew this band way before 2007 but this one particular song made me really interested about buying Dream Theater CD's.


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:o Please don't die listening to Dream Theater in your car. The media would have a field day.


Not good.

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SC is in my top 3 of DT albums...the first four songs just get the blood pumping and give me energy to go. It's tough to keep the speed limit listening to this in the car though. It just builds and builds and then you find yourself driving about 30-40 mph over the speed limit on the highway!

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I think it's a great song to drum to. Except for the brutal double bass in the middle. I can't go that fast. but still. It's a good song to practice double bassing on. for the body of the song. I don't like how Mike P's vocals kinda over shadow James'. if you watch the documentary on Systematic Chaos, James is like singing it but Mike is just mono toning it.

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I think it is an alright song. Then again I haven't listened to much of their new album. :p

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Oh yeah, the instrumental section is fantastic, and the outro: FOOOKING BROOOOTAL. It's beautiful. I love it. Such a fun riff to jam around. If only I had a Continuum........ :P

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I don't think it their best, but i do love the song. Epic metal through the entire song and the instrumental part is amazing! Time signatures shifting is rediculous tempo's, that's what i like. Also, the building tension in the song is really nicely done. If you love double bass, this is a killer song. I dare even to say this is the most heavy song they've ever written.

Oh, about the vocals: i love how James sings "i am the last" with that low "growl" kind of tone (on the Chaos in Motion DVD), better then those higher outcries (i see what i did there) in youtube vids.

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I really don't like the lyrics. They're just too cheesy "evil metal". And the vocals... eh, sometimes I like them, other times they just seem tryhard. ESPECIALLY live. Don't get me wrong, I still love the song, I think it's great, and I love metal, but there's elements to this song which really didn't work IMO. But the guitars - GOOD LORD THEY'RE AMAZING. Its still one of my favourite riffs to play on 7 string

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No, it is one of my least favorite songs from DT. Ok, bottom 25%- I was not impressed with this album.
My rank for album FYI (My opinion)
1."The Ministry of Lost Souls"
2. “In the Presence of Enemies - Part I”
3. "Forsaken"
4. "Repentance"
5. "In the Presence of Enemies - Part II"
6. "The Dark Eternal Night"
7. "Constant Motion"
8. "Prophets of War” (Hard to find a DT song I like less)
But still "The Dark Eternal Night" is better that 90% of the other music put out in the last decade.