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Do you want Dream Theater's 3hr long concerts back?

  • Do you want Dream Theater's 3hr long concerts back?
    September 9, 2011 - 8:26am

    Do you want Dream Theater's 3hr long concerts back?

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on September 9, 2011 - 8:26am

Do you want Dream Theater's 3hr long concerts back?

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Sure!!!!!! More better DT best band ever please tour to puerto rico

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Dream Theater please tour Australia

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I'm about to see them for the first time in my life (Guatemala) and I definitely wish for a 3hrs+ concert. I'll never get enough. I'll be traveling to their next concert 2 days later to see them again in El Salvador.

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Of course, it would be fantastic to return to the evening with format! DT definitely has the catalogue to play 3 hours and [i]still[/i] leave fans wanting more!

That said, I also wouldn't mind seeing them Open a Progressive Nation Tour next year with some combination of Yes, Rush and/or Tool (provided that everyone on the bill gets a 90+ set).

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Of course: Yeeessssss!

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As much as I would love them to return to the 3 hour formate, I do realize that it would be unfair to expect it of them at this point in time. Mangini will need time to learn more of the material to make the set longer, which is fair of course. I have seen DT 3 times in toronto, and none of them have been a 3 hour set, so maybe thats why I want it so bad, but I guess my vote would be yes, but on the bands own time.

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I will travel to any part of the world for a 3 hour concert. You hear that DT! Just name place and date and I WILL be there, front row with the biggest smile on my face :D :D

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Never enough!

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I would like to see them play for 23 hours please.

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[quote=Eric_from_Annecy]I saw DT in 2009 during the progressive european tour and i was frustrated with their short show. I want a 3 hours long show ![/quote]

I decided not to see them on the Progressive Nation tour specifically because they were the only band on the bill I wanted to see and they were playing a short set list.

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Sure. If some is good, more is better!

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These guys work hard but it would be great too see a 3 hr epic show from these guys.

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Well I would like to vote but it's not letting me. :(
Damn site is full of bugs.
Anyway yes I think they should bring it back and why not eh?
The more DT the better :)

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The "Evening with Dream Theater" format seems like a no-brainer for the best way to see them. No offense to Trivium, but their 45 minutes would've been far better spent occupied by DT.

This year was my first live show and, while it was awesome, it highlights how difficult it will be to see many of my favorites live. I loved ADToE and they played the six songs I most wanted to hear from the album, but that took up over an hour of the show (it was STILL awesome, though). Once you throw in a drum solo and a few breathers, there's only time for about 5-6 songs. The extra hour gives the guys much more time not only to dig into lesser played cuts, but also the opportunity to play some of their epic suites (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, A Mind Beside Itself, In the Presence of Enemies I & II or, it'll probably never happen, but the MP 12-step six-pack!). I understand that's why they release a live album every few years and, while they're also awesome, it's still not like being there.

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Well yes, because I go to Dream Theater shows to see Dream Theater. 3 hours of them would be awesome. Tiring for the band, but awesome experiences.

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Of course I'd like to see them play for as long as possible but the problem is that really long sets tend to take their toll on the vocalists voice and I would rather see them perform really well for 2 hours than to see them put pressure on James' voice to the point at which it can't really handle the strain any more. 2 hour concerts are fine in my opinion. Not that I wouldn't like to see something like [i]Score[/i] live. If I could go back in time to be at a certain concert that would definitely be my choice. =)

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Updating this topic!!!

Come on DT... 2h30 at least!!

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Wouldn't mind it at all! First concert was during the Octavarium tour. After is i was so tired, because standing for three hours really wears you out. But it was worth it, the setlist kicked ass!

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The first concert i ever saw of these guys was something like 3.5 hours long. Sydney Australia, 30 January 2008.

What a night. I will never forget it.

So yes, bring it back!

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No brainer...would love for them to do those set's again. Once MM get's more comfortably with the songs, i believe they will bring this format back. Well here's hoping they do......

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I understand that 3 hours is really a long haul, but I would love to see them return. 90 minutes is not enough time for a Dream Theater show.

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If Leonard Cohen can do a 3 hour show at 78 years old, DT can do better than 90 mins!

How about an epics show? COS, 6DOIT, 8V, ITPOE I and II, TCOT, LTL, ITNOG, TMOLS, AMBI I, II and III.


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Yes, definitely!!

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I saw DT in 2009 during the progressive european tour and i was frustrated with their short show. I want a 3 hours long show !

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[quote=CrimsonSunriseDTF]Kind of a no-brainer...who wouldn't want the return of the "Evening With" shows.


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I can see why they wouldn't do it, but it would be something I would love to see. Especially for a Blu-ray.

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Kind of a no-brainer...who wouldn't want the return of the "Evening With" shows.

Make it so number one........... ;)

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Of course! I always end up concerts wanting more! Long Live DT!

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After PN 2009 90min set and a 60min opening set for Maiden, I was hoping for a longer show. It's understandable with Mangini learning the material but would love to see an "evening with" tour sometime soon