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DT Lyric Video Contest?

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on September 21, 2011 - 5:14pm

The contest:

I don't really get it. Are we supposed to make our own music videos with lyrics written in them with one of the songs from the album?

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wondering what is taking so long. I really want to win a autographed CD from my favorite band!

my entry:

lots of good entries...hope I have a chance!

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there has been a month since they opened the invitation, and there has been no response yet

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i have interpred far from heaven by myself, in a different way.. but i have made a "film" with draws..
here is my video:

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Lightweight, and others.

I just finished reading the directions to this contest, and what I believe that they want, is for fans to create like a computer graphic/animation video with the lyrics that corresponds to the lyrics and whole understanding of whichever 9 songs from the new album. Now, if I were computer graphically inclined I would definitely do something like this.

Just one idea, with "far from heaven". JL wrote the lyrics and i recall him saying in one of the interviews that it was really about how children, teenagers are, at times, not allowed to grow, and become whatever they want. That parents force their children to do things that limit them instead of expanding them. We have been thru it, some worse than others. Parents make their children, since an early age to compete, be the best, at school, play, sports, etc. and really dont allow their children to pursue what they want to pursue. So if i was one of you, I would create a little movie showing this child singing this song to his parents after being tired of having to be the best at everything against everyone.

I think thats something that they are looking for. A "movie" corresponding to whatever song you choose. Does it make sense? Anyway, hopefully this is what they are looking for. Good Luck whoever wins.

May Oneness Bless Us All, As One.

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This is my entry into the contest:

Just waiting for the list of winners at this point. Would love an autographed copy of ADTOE.

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My guess is that you make your own video and superimpose the song's lyrics (as that's t. Pretty awful job by roadrunner explaining the rules though.

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Any admin / band member would be welcome to clarify this :)

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I don't get it either...Don't know if we have to make a video with the theme of a song...or a random thing that displays the lyrics...