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Falling Into Infinity is severely underrated.

  • Falling Into Infinity is severely underrated.
    September 8, 2011 - 10:31pm

    Because, honestly guys, it's fantastic. Yeah there are a few bad songs on there (You Not Me *shudder*) but Hell's Kitchen and Lines In The Sand are the two best songs DT have written. Also, Peruvian Skies is up there. Trial of Tears is pretty badass too.

    Thoughts on FII?

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on September 8, 2011 - 10:31pm

Because, honestly guys, it's fantastic. Yeah there are a few bad songs on there (You Not Me *shudder*) but Hell's Kitchen and Lines In The Sand are the two best songs DT have written. Also, Peruvian Skies is up there. Trial of Tears is pretty badass too.

Thoughts on FII?

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the album has grown on me tremendously the past few years. Favorite track is trial of tears though i also really like lines in the sand, hells kitchen, and anna lee.

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I actually like this album very much, except for "Just let me breathe". I can really live without that song, and I guess they will never play it live again for the reasons we all know.

In any case, I loved the album from the very first listen. New Millenium's progressiveness, You Not Me even as commercial as it is, Hell's Kitchen, Lines in the Sand, Trial of Tears and Anna Lee. The other ballads are good but don't hit me that much. The demo version of Hollow Years is actually a lot better than the album version, and when they play it live it's awesome because of JP's solos.

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The original poster is not the only one. I like Falling into Infinity as well. Despite the recording company interference, they focused more on creating songs, and less on meandering instrumentals. Some of my favourites are on that disc: Hell's Kitchen, Lines in the Sand, Trial of Tears. I've always thought Anna Lee was a lovely song as well.

It is probably their most underrated album.

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If Octavarium (the song) wasn't in Octavarium (the album), it would be a Top 5 DT album for me. Nevertheless, it's incredible. Peruvian Skies is amazing, Trial of Tears is a Top 5 DT song for me, Lines in the Sand is amazing, Hell's Kitchen is amazing, Take Away My Pain is amazing, Hollow Years, Anna Lee and New Millenium are great (New Millenium's intro is out of this world) and well, You not Me, Burning My Soul and Just Let Me Breathe are the ones that just don't click... Probably if those were better it would be a Top 5 for me, maybe ranked 4th, but well, things are the way they are...

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Great album. Never really got why people hate You Not Me so much, sounds like a great song to me. Once got in an argument with this guy, because i said i really like the album. Anyway, i always have periods after a new DT album has settled in that i like another album and FII has been one of those (example: after Octavarium and the tour, i listened a lot to TOT and after SC io listened a lot to SDOIT). Back to topic, i rarely listen to the ballads on the album, but the true (prog) rock songs are gems in my eyes. Peruvian Skies has been a favorite of mine ever since (the OIALT version rocks so hard!) and New Millennium has killer grooves. And i agree: Hell's Kitchen is the best instrumental rock song ever.

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@lak89: You're right.

So people... if you think it's underrated: stop underrating it.

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It definitely is a gorgeous album. There are some true gems in it: Hell's Kitchen, Peruvian Skies, Take Away My Pain (yes, I mean it!), and ... Trial Of Tears. Apart from these, everything is melodically driven and hard as it should, as DT is.
It's just something different from what was to come, Scenes From a Memory, which was, to put it simply, mind-blowing.

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I remember when FII came out I was really into it and never understood why it got such a bad rap. I can understand those who really like the longer, proggier side of DT being miffed but I always thought it made sense as the next album in line when you looked at the way I&W and Awake were put together. I&W was a mix of shorter (relatively speaking) and longer songs. Awake didn't have a long epic and was dark and moddy, so it made sense that FII would be more palatable and upbeat. Yes, a few songs were meh but a lot of the album really showed off a song craft side to DT, like Anna Lee, Trial of Tears, and New Millennium. Plus Hell's kitchen is great.

I think FII is on par with I&W just behind Awake for me.

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FII is severely over-rated by the people who think's it under-rated. It has about 4 songs worthy of the DT name, and the rest is generic stuff that any XYZ band could have written.

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Definitely an underrated album, it's more on the mainstream side but I really liked New Millenium, Peruvian Skies, Hell's Kitchen, Lines In The Sand, Just Let Me Breathe and Trial Of Tears. I'm also relatively partial to You Not Me and Anna Lee, that's over half the album!

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I like Falling Into Infinity really its not as bad as people say. Burning my soul is a great song Lines in the sand and trial of tears are the best on the album for me and also peruvian skies is awesome. Hells kitchen is also pretty good! Its more comercial than A Change of Seasons or Awake but that doesnt mean its THAT bad!

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It's easily better than any album from 00s. Raise the Knife would've made it epic! :)

Also, Hollow Years album version... a lot better compared to what they've been recently playing live.

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I think it WAS underrated... maybe not so much anymore. I didn't care for it when it first came out and only gave it a few spins. I don't know what brought me back to it, but when I really listened to it - I loved it. A New Millennium, Lines in the Sand and Trial of Tears are some of my favorite songs now.

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I've always thought it's underrated. Sure I like the live version of Trial of Tears (often medley) rather than on the CD, but Hell's Kitchen, Just Let Me Breathe and Lines In The Sand are brutally epic songs.
They are however songs that require a somewhat certain mood for me to get into. SC or BCSL is easier to just get into right off the bat since they are alot more mainstream, but when the time is right and I'm not doing anything, I'll take FII any day over those 2 albums.

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FII is my east favorite album, but we all agree that the worst DT album is still better than 95% of all the other stuff put out these days.

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Top 4 DT Albums for me. LITS and TOT are both top 5 songs. I also really enjoy BMS and don't really get the hate all that much.

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The whole album is great, even if it did lean more towards a mainstream sound (if that's even possible for Dream Theater). Peruvian Skies and Hells Kitchen are incredible!

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Totally underrated, though an exceptional album. Even Dream Theater relate this album to a bad period. I had it dusting on a shelf, till I listened to it with earphones. I paid good attention and loved it since then. It's a bit jazzy, but New Millenium, Hell's Kitchen, Lines in the Sand, Peruvian Skies and Trial of Tears are definitely very well structured songs. Who thinks of Falling into Infinity is not a great album hasn't listened to it yet carefully. Import the album to your ipod, plug in your earphones and go for a walk.

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[quote=Ad134]Lines in The Sand is the greatest song ever written.

Dat solo.[/quote]I'd love the studio version more if it wasn't for Doug Pinnick. I don't hate the guy, but I don't know, I just don't like how his voice sounds in the chorus.

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Lines in The Sand is the greatest song ever written.

Dat solo.

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Wow, I thought I was the only one who loved Falling into Infinity, Hell's Kitchen is my all time favourite DT instrumental. Sure the album isn't up there with the likes of Images, Awake and Metropolis but it's still got some great tracks and the YtseJams demos are fantastic.

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My 2nd favorite DT album.

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It's an awesome album..... plain and simple.

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'You not me' and 'Anna Lee' are melodicaly awesome!
In my opinion an amazing album!

To be honest I love when Dream Theater sounds lighty!
I'm not a big fan of their heavier stuff like 'Nightmare to remember' or 'Dark eternal night', as example!

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I must admit, I've never been a huge fan, but I've really been getting into this album recently. It certainly has some killer songs, but is out-weighed by some flaws and the fact it's fell between two truly outstanding albums.

Firstly, I'm a sucker for New Millennium, there's something so endearing about it's bizarre electronic sound and vocals, and the part at 4:10 always gives me chills!

You Not Me isn't as bad as many make out to be, it's got a really strong chorus and I find myself wailing out 'It's all about youuuuu, not meeeeee!', it's just generic.

Peruvian Skies is lovely, certainly one of the highlights of Falling Into Infinity, seeing it live really pumped my appreciation of this song a lot more too.

Hollow Years is a nice ballad, not really a highlight.

Burning My Soul is practically the 90's version of Constant Motion, it's probably one of my least favourite Dream Theater song, not so great.

Hell's Kitchen/Lines In The Sand, both work as a hidden gem, brilliant songs, yet not my favourites on here.

Take Away My Pain is a nice break from the intensity of the previous 2 tracks, no highlight however.

Just Let Me Breathe isn't as mediocre as Burning My Soul, I quite enjoy this song actually, but 2nd least favourite on this album.

Anna Lee is a beautiful song, I must admit I'm a sucker for this one.

Trial Of Tears is definately up there with my top favourite Dream Theater songs, Myungs lyrics are fascinating, and this is the perfect closer. The best song on the album.

My verdict, it's a problem having some of the most impressive albums in music history for Falling Into Infinity to live up to, but by music, this album is definately under-rated. It boasts some really impressive high-points throughout, and the talent reeks with awesomeness throughout. But in terms of Dream Theaters catalogue, it's fine where it is, which is towards the bottom of my list. But still, a good album nontheless!

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It has some very good songs on it, and some not so great songs on it, Anna Lee and Hollow Years are another very well written songs and being from Ontario, I love how all or most of the video for Hollow Years was filmed in Toronto

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I love this album aswell. Lines In The Sand, Burning My Soul (though I much prefer the demo version), Just Let Me Breathe, Hollow Years, Anna Lee... great stuff. However, I really don't like Trial of Tears. Aside from The Dark Eternal Night, it's my least favourite DT song.

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Completely and utterly agree. Some of my favourite songs are on this album (Hells Kitchen and Trial of Tears) and a lot of the songs I have been listening to recently. (Peruvian Skies, Lines in the Sand)

And yes, my ideal FII including some of the demos would probably be my favourite album.

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Trial of Tears is my 2nd favorite DT song. LITS has the 2nd best JP solo. It ranks 4th of the albums for me, I really like the general feel of the album - except a few tracks.

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Lines In The Sand and Trial Of Tears are two of my favourites. New Millenium, Hell's Kitchen, Peruvian Skies, Just Let Me Breathe (I'm not a big fan of a few bits of lyrics but otherwise this song really grew on me) are all good. Also Hollow Years, especially Budokan. I don't hate any of the other songs but I just don't think there are any other Labrie albums with so many songs that just aren't up to scratch. I do love the sound of this album, and it's highs are as good as the highs on most other DT albums. The lows are just lower and more frequent, and with so many other songs that are "just OK" (in comparison to other DT songs, at least), it makes a pretty inconsistent album that's hard to rank above any of the others, in my opinion.