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Least favorite?

  • Least favorite?
    December 23, 2011 - 4:04am

    This may be a delicate subject (even one that may have already been posted), but what is your least favorite Dream Theater album or albums? Let's include studio and live albums.

    For me studio would be When Dream and Day Unite, live would be Once in a LiveTime.

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on December 23, 2011 - 4:04am

This may be a delicate subject (even one that may have already been posted), but what is your least favorite Dream Theater album or albums? Let's include studio and live albums.

For me studio would be When Dream and Day Unite, live would be Once in a LiveTime.

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Least favorite: Systematic Chaos (though as a song I'd say I Walk Beside You)

Favorite is actually WDADU, though I understand the complaints against it. I just listen to it the most often, never get tired of it (even after all these years, though it did initially take some getting used to), and the remaster is a big improvement in sound quality.

Scenes, ACoS, and ToT are all really up there too. And others, but those jump out at me right now. It's too early to tell where Black Clouds or ADToE will fit into the picture, though while they may not end up all-time favorites they're both better IMO than Octavarium or SC. I was worried about the band during that period; a lot of the stuff then just didn't sound so deeply inspired to me (though there are still good things to be found). I could see the charge being made against BC&SL too, but I thought the songwriting was better on that one, solos fit the songs, etc.

And to Psygnosis: it had precisely 6 tracks. :)

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I don't think there is a DT album out there that I can honestly put down as my least favorite, even Falling into Infinity!!! Every album has something great on them. There are a few, as I call them, klunkers along the way, but their great songs clearly outweigh their few bad songs. Now as far as least favorite SONGS, now that's easy, I've got a few on my list. But this is about albums, right?

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Easily BC&SL . There's not one song on that album that I like. Gotta say, SC and 8VM would be close seconds, but they at least have 1 or 2 songs I like on each.

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Oh Frantic is a kid, a newbie nevermind .. BCSL doesn't even have 6 songs .. idiot.

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Awake and Falling Into Infinity were much worse as for as sound and songs

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wow frantic we're VERY different there .. both were masterpieces as albums and 90% of fans agree

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I have to say Octavarium and Black Clouds and Silver linings. Can't really stand to listen to either one of them. The mixing is weird (especially on Octo) and the songs just don't sound like they cared. Before these albums there was probably never even 1 DT song that I didn't like. Each of these probably have 6 or more songs I don't like.

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I would have to say AWAKE, how ever as quick as I say this I think of some of the great moments in it, so I will just have to say it's probably the least listened to. Once in a Livetime has vocal issues ,but the creativity in some of the songs combining with other artist is pretty cool .(Peruvian Skies). There is also just so much content on Livetime. (but hey that's what DT does) especially the video 5yrs in a Livetime.

As I say though the worst DT is better still than anything else!!

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I'm not a fan of Black Clouds & Silver Linings. It didn't connect with me at all.

However, I love all the others. My favorites being: A Dramatic Turn of Events, Systematic Chaos, Train of Thought, Six Degrees, Scenes From a Memory.

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[quote=ChickenCoop213]I would probably have to say for studio, Train of Thought. For me most of it is too "metaly". But it does have its moments especially in Endless sacrifice. and live I would say once in a livetime[/quote]more than Systematic Chaos.

SC is my least favorite and in fact unlistened to since the first time I listened to the Album. It's overly heavy and as the albums the whole thing is a blinding chaotic album. No other album so turned me off as this did. I've been a fan since I&W and this one greatly disappointed

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I would probably have to say for studio, Train of Thought. For me most of it is too "metaly". But it does have its moments especially in Endless sacrifice. and live I would say once in a livetime

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@,,/Drummerboy,,/: Falling into Infinite is not "Bad." It's just not as good as the rest of them. I suggest getting the demo Version of it. According to the description I think by Mike Portnoy, It's Falling into Infinite how they wanted it to sound like before the producers came and messed it up. I haven't listened to it but I'm assuming it's better than the actual album.

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@tarpring i used to think that about Bcals but then i had a good listen to the songs and know its one of my favourite BUT the best of the worst is probably falling into infinity BECAUSE i havent had a listen to all of the songs properly.

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@Tapring: I TOTALLY Agree. I love Count but other than that the others are... okay

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If I HAD to pick a least favorite, it would have to be Black Clouds and Silver Linings because I only like three of the songs. Of course The Count of Tuscany is one of them. :D

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None of the DT albums are so bad that I don't want to buy them. But there are some that I wouldn't fight for to get. Six Degrees, yes. Octavarium, Hella yes. Falling Into Infinite...... Eh?

I also wish I wouldv'e listened to BCandSL later on in my DT history. I think because I got it so early, and right after Images and Words and Octavarium, that it didn't meet the "awesome blow my mind 12 minute" solos I was expecting. I did love The Count of Tuscany though.

But now that I go back and listen to it, along with FintoI, I learn to like them.

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As far as what DT i just plain don't like... Well.. I have every single song by them and every side or solo project on my phone ;)

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JeffAsIAm, agreed on everything! However, i think the original posters intentions were different. Its a VERY tough question for true DT fans, most fans have a least favorite. Doesnt mean its bad, it just means it didnt resonate with them as much, and the proof is in the fact that DT is capable of releasing SO many dynamic different style albums, and the range of what people say is their least favorite isnt polarized. Those that dont like heavier metal dont like train of thought. Those that dont like more melodic prog wont like ADTOE. Its all taste. Im an odd fan in that i love it ALL. I soak in any kind of music theu write, as it is always fresh and so amazing and entertaining and exciting to listen to, and for different reasons. Learning to live helped me through a tough break up ... This dying soul i love cause of the sheer amazement of sound and technical skill. Its all incredible, they are true rounded perfect musicians.
And to be fairly anticlimactic i shall answer the original poster's question. Most songs on it were great, but because at the time they were having to dumb things down due to record label ultimatums ( i read the biography ) i have to say Falling into Infinity. Having to ok use of a different font for the album cover is more proof that album wasnt true DT. Its still great, and worlds above 95% of crap ecen today in 2011, but it is officiallu my least favorote DT album. There!
Typing on my phone sucks

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Bad DT cd? I don't think so. Some not as amazing as others. How quickly we as DT fans have become jaded to the sublime skill level put forth by this band. No one else EVER has shit this great each and every cd. So we bitch that "this one was not quite as fucking awesomwe as that one". WDADU is the first, charlie was not the right singer, the band hadn't got their footing yet, some person NOT a member of DT producing, so it's the target cd. But when it came out, I heard YTSE Jam and thought, holy shit that's kick ass. IAW, even with all the production sounds not being perfect and they had to work with a dick producer, showed great growth, as did each and every cd since. You can never put on any DT that I won't listen to.

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@RuskyTheaterBear: They did rerelease WDaDU as a live album under Portnoy's label "Ytse jam Records." also I heard about Blu Ray audio but have never seen it yet. are there Blu Ray Audio players too?

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@comment: WDADU is a seed of what DT will become. You are correct, Charlie just isn't the right vocalist, but the music is worth the listen, especially YTSE jam. Get all of their cd's, as you will hear them grow. The jumped after they became their own producer. Nothing they ever did is slack, but every cd has it's own flavor. Score is amazing, but not everone will like it. Some like the heavy, some like the prog, some like the light. I love it all. DT is Led Zeppelin + Yes + Rush +The Scorpions + Metallica + Uriah Heep + Iron Butterfly all rolled up into one great band, only with world class chops and the best in the world on each point of sound. And yes, James LaBrie is the best. I have stood 5 feet in front of Geoff Tate (the Moon in Tallahassee) and I have stood 5 feet in front of James LaBrie (the Masquerade in Atlanta) and James is better. Geoff is awesome and the ultimate frontman, but James is a better vocalist and doesn't need to be a frontman, as the entire band that is Dream Theater is the frontman. And I saw James perform through the vocal ills that he had when most would have rested, and he was still amazing. DT is the best ever and you need to see them live all you can and get all of their cd's while you can, so you can tell your friends and grandkids in fifty years about how you are a fan of the best band ever!

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I love all albums) it's amazing, all of them have its own speciality from When dream & day unite to A Dramatic turn of events can't wait a new record) Good luck guys I'm paraying for you!

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WDADU is my least favorite because of Charlie's vocals. I still haven't listened to the whole thing and haven't heard some of the other older material yet, like Falling Into Infinity and A Change of Seasons, but what I have heard it's better. I'll pick em' up some day along with a few live albums I need to get.

This is MM's rookie year so I can't wait to hear the next album with MM. After ADToE, it seems the best is yet to come!

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When Dream and Day Unite for studio; Once In A LIVEtime for live.

The songs are good on WDADU, it's just that I came to the band long after LaBrie had joined, and it's very jarring hearing Dominici singing instead. And the production sounds low budget. Hearing the songs performed live, with the more recent lineup, on the When Dream And Day Reunite DVD made it sound a hell of a lot better.

OIALT is a decent live album, but you can tell LaBrie was having serious throat issues. He has terrible trouble hitting the notes sometimes on this one. I think he normally does well live (on Score, he's fantastic)

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I would have to say Falling Into Infinity for studio,live it would probably be Once in a LIVEtime. FII is still a great album, just weakest imo. As for the latter, I have no particular reason, I just never listen to it.

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When Dream & Day Unite is an excellent album for its time...given that the vocals are weak and the production is low-end. It gives me a good nostalgic '80s feeling whenever I listen to it though (definitely my least played).

Other than that, it's really hard to pick a least favorite. Least listened to would be Train of Thought (listened to it this morning on the ride to work) but I still love it. A couple of weeks ago, it would have been Octavarium, but it's been in heavy rotation on my iPod and it's grown on me.

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Least favorite album... For me, maybe Systematic Chaos or Train of Thought. Don't get me wrong, both albums have great songs, like In the Prescence of Enemies (both parts are amazing) for SC and In the Name of God for ToT. It's just at times I feel, in the case of ToT, it suffers because of the influence from modern metal genres, and in the case of SC there's songs that are mostly irrelevant (in my opinion, of course).

Least favorite live album, Once in a LIVEtime. I just didn't enjoy the performance. LaBrie had obvious issues because of the throat injuries he had, I didn't enjoy what they did with Metropolis and Learning to Live or the fact only instrumental parts of A Change of Seasons were played.

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When Dream and Day Unite is an Awesome Album, the singing ain't too great but the music is sensational. If DT were to rerecord that Album with the current members, I reckon it would be one hot sounding Album.

No worst Album for me, all are Awesome, least listened to however would be Falling to Infinity. Once in a Livetime has some good moments but doesn't have the give me another listen value to it as a whole, only some songs.

DT if you are reading, Blu-Ray Audio as an option for the next Album release, imagine uncompressed, pure music with full dynamic range. Don't care how much it would be retailed at, would still buy it.

Edit: wow I read back and I realise I sound like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, hmmmmm.