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New Album!

  • New Album!
    September 14, 2011 - 11:47pm

    Still absorbing the new album. More thoughts soon!

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on September 14, 2011 - 11:47pm

Still absorbing the new album. More thoughts soon!

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@Daso: I also love DragonForce. I wonder when they're gonna start working on their new album? it'll be interesting to hear how the new singer will sound.

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People will probably call me blasphemous for ranking this as a tie with Images and Words, but thats how I truly feel. :p besides Scenes from a memory is still my favorite!

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[quote=Crash_of_Doom]Three words: Bridges In The Sky

'Nuff said ;) [/quote]

That's four words I think, haha.

Anyways, I think it's a great album, one of their best. Really energetical, the songs express what they mean to properly, it's very creative melodically speaking and everyone has their chance to stand out. Amazing album. My favorite song is Breaking All Illusions, with Bridges in the Sky close behind.

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It took me about a month or so to complete absorb it. But I love all the songs. Great Job Guys!

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[quote=mark55]I love the new album dont know why so many people hate it. ;) [/quote]

I'm not awere of "so many people"

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Having never listened to Dream Theatre before I decided to give this album a try at a record shop a week ago. It blew me away. Simply fantastic! I've been playing it every day, sometimes twice. Made me wonder where I'd been all this time. Oh, and I picked up Octavarium too while I was at it. Keep it up guys!

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Just take a quick road trip somewhere nearby then if they're not in AZ. I live in Vegas which DT hardly ever comes to so I make road trips to California all the time. Matter of fact this coming Sunday I'll be heading to LA to see their second show ever with Mangini in the states! =D

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Absolutely love it which makes the lack of an AZ tour date even more frustrating. I want to see this stuff live!

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First couple of spins I really wasn't getting into it. But around the fifth listen it started to click.
Really liking Bridges in the Sky, Outcry, Breaking All Illusions, and Beneath the Surface.

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Three words: Bridges In The Sky

'Nuff said ;)

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I listen to almost anything I got some disturbed ted nugent and a dramatic turn of events haven't stopped listening to it you really have to listen to get all the details

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Initially I was concerned because of MP leaving the band, and was worried that the music would suffer, but from the first listen of this album, I was hooked. I have already decided that my favorite song on the album is "Bridges In The Sky." I've basically been listening to this non-stop, and I'm sure it's driving everyone in my house crazy, but I suppose they will have to get over it.

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The new album is remarkable. The more I listen to it, the better it is, in my opinion. This could possibly become my favourite DT album in time.

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I love the new album dont know why so many people hate it. ;)