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The Porcupine Tree Thread

  • The Porcupine Tree Thread
    September 8, 2011 - 10:56pm

    So, very first band thread other than DT at the new forums, eh? Well, guess I'll start the famous Porcupine Tree circlejerk right here then! Appreciate the second greatest of bands!

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on September 8, 2011 - 10:56pm

So, very first band thread other than DT at the new forums, eh? Well, guess I'll start the famous Porcupine Tree circlejerk right here then! Appreciate the second greatest of bands!

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Fantastic live band,saw them in Dublin last Oct.and they were amazing :) Their light and visuals show complements the music,and Gavin,s drumming was worth the ticket price alone!Lightbulb Sun,Fear of a Blank Planet,In Absentia,or Deadwing would all be good choices as a starter album for anyone,or even try Nil Recurring...!Really good stuff,but would recommend seeing them live...definitely ;)

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Anyone who knows me by my screen name knows how much I adore PT. 2nd best band ever (Rush is number 1; DT is not far behind the two)!!!

In fact, I think I am gonna listen to The Incident now. :)

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I love all of Porcupine Tree's albums as well as Steven Wilson's solo albums (can't wait for "Grace For Drowning") I must see him live here some day soon. such an amazing artist!!!

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I love Porcupine Tree. My favorite album is definitelly Fear of a Blank Planet, and my favorite song by them could be My Ashes, Anesthetize, Way Out of Here or Shesmovedon. My favorite members are both Steven Wilson and the almighty drummer Gavin Harrison :o The first time I heard PT he was what blew my away the most, I remember I couldn't believe what I was listening because of so much awe :D His playing is something just so out of this world, so flawless, so neat, so perfect... I not only listen to a rhythm when he plays, but to a melody as well, coming who knows from where beneath his drum playing... He is God in the drums. As well as Mike Mangini, but this isn't DT's topic ;)

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Love PT. Cant wait to see what they do for their next album.

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PT are incredible and are, along with DT, Opeth, and Rush, one of my favourite progressive bands. I saw Porcupine Tree in their Melbourne concert last February and they were phenomenal.

Can't wait for Steven's new solo album (which features a guest appearance from Jordan Rudess!) to drop. Mine has been shipped! :)

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They're ok, I prefered their poppier days with Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun. The Incident was pretty mediocre. Still good live though.

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Never seen them live, but I know it's a must see

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Greetings, I'm Wrax from the UK and long time DT fan (since Awake was released). Seen them live 5x. Interesting to see this thread here. I started a Porcupine Tree thread on the Blue Oyster Cult forum (now there's a band!) and it has the most hits, reads and replies of all threads on the entire board apart from one general music thread. PT is a great band. Seen them 10x all over the world.

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Did someone say circlejerk?!

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I love Porcupine Tree. Definitely my second fav band behind Dream Theater. Haven't had the chance to see them live though. Not even sure if they've been to Australia.

Fear of a Blank Planet is definitely my favourite album of there's though. And if any of you cared to notice, my avatar is somewhat supposed to resemble The Incident's album art, but it got slightly chopped off when i uploaded it to this forum...

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Great band indeed!

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Great, Great Band!! *Appreciates*

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The Proggy Trinity : DT, Rush, PT

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I love PT. Along with DT and Rush, they're my favorite band. I saw them last year at Radio City and it was one of the best days of my life. My favorite albums are In Absentia, Deadwing, Lightbulb Sun, and Stupid Dream.

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That is correct.

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In Absentia owns all

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A thread about a band better than Dream Theater.

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the fuck is this?

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I'll just go ahead and say this: Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson is overrated!

BUT, Deadwing is an amazing album.

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Better than Dream Theater. Stupid Dream is best.

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This is a fine choice for 'first band thread.' They're second behind DT as my favorite band, and Wilson is very much on top of my 'favorite musicians list.'

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Didn't see this thread coming lol

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Saw them in Atlanta last Spring, maybe the best show I have ever seen. And I have seen just about everyone. Wilson is 100% artiste' (even a little temperamental) and Gavin absolutely destroyed !!!