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    September 8, 2011 - 5:08pm

    Does anyone think the setlist will stay the same ( or close ) to the first leg of this tour? Or will we get a completely different for setlist for the North America leg? Just curious to see what everyone else thinks.....

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on September 8, 2011 - 5:08pm

Does anyone think the setlist will stay the same ( or close ) to the first leg of this tour? Or will we get a completely different for setlist for the North America leg? Just curious to see what everyone else thinks.....

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Bridges in the Sky would be an incredible opener!

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[quote=dspurdy]I would love to see them play...period! They could bust out pre-school sing-alongs for all I care. They have never been to Albuquerque unless they are an opening act for someone else (Satriani, Yes, Iron Maiden). I would kill to see them in a headlining show![/quote]

That makes sense.

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Loving the new album, and I hope they play more than just "On the Backs of Angels" from it. Would be great if they opened with "Bridges in the Sky", and also played "Breaking All Illusions" and "This is the Life". Superb songs. Other gems that would be great to hear during their set are: "As I Am", "Learning to Live", "Metropolis-Part I", "Panic Attack", "Strange Deja Vu", "The Dark Eternal Night", "The Test that Stumped Them All", "Under a Glass Moon", and as the encore "The Count of Tuscany". I guess there are just too many really great songs in their catalogue to choose from. Can't wait for the show on Sept 28 in Vancouver, Canada.

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I can see them opening with the shaman from bridges in the sky

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Endless Sacrifice/The Count/Oct = Dream Theater
These Walls = Nickelback :p

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[quote=JayOctavariumDTF]Am I the only one that hopes for These Walls to keep a spot in the setlist? Same with Endless Sacrifice...[b]And no more TCOT... please?[/b]


I'm with you on this... The last 2 times I've seen DT, that is what the encore was.

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I'm fine with 5-6 ADToE songs and then plenty classics.....ending with The Count or Octavarium. Here in Seattle, people have no clue of their epic songs, so I would like to see them strut their stuff at the end.
Please no Panic Attack or These Walls......too much Jr High bubble gum pop/metal.

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[quote=JayOctavariumDTF]Am I the only one that hopes for These Walls to keep a spot in the setlist? Same with Endless Sacrifice...And no more TCOT... please?


Hells no. These Walls was the song that made me fall in love with Dream Theater. It's still one of my absolute favs and I'm dying to hear it live.

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The band has stated they will not be rotating setlists nightly as they've done in the past on headlining tours. That was always MP's doing. At most, you'll probably see a variance of 1-2 songs per night. The thing that disappoints me about this is that I absolutely LOVE the new album, but with 9 songs on it and the setlists being virtually the same every night, this automatically means that unless they plan to play the entire album nightly, there will be at least a few songs from ADTOE you won't even hear once on this tour.

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As last time, we saw a bundle of surprises, I'm sure they will surprise us this time round. But it'll probably be something on the lines of this:

1. On The Backs Of Angels
2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
3. (Classic song)
4. Lost Not Forgottem/This Is The Life (On rotation)
5. (Classic song)
6. Bridges In The Sky/Outcry (On rotation maybe?)
7. (Classic song)
8. (Classic song)
9. Far From Heaven
10. Breaking All Illusions
11. Beneath The Surface
12. Octavarium...

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Am I the only one that hopes for These Walls to keep a spot in the setlist? Same with Endless Sacrifice...And no more TCOT... please?

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I hoping the set list changes up~ BECAUSE alot of us are going to a series of shows !!! and it would be nice to experience a variety of DREAM THEATER AWESOME SONGS ~ RITE !!! COUNT OF TUSCANY ~ PERUVIAN SKIES~ VOICES ~ hopefully some of the MAJOR PLAYS DT SONGS..... well I love them all ~ variety is GOOD!!!! 3hr shows...HA! :)

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It'd be nice to see some Awake material brought out. Hopefully, they'll keep "Caught in A Web" or bring back "6:00" or "Scarred". And, please keep "Ytse Jam". Also hope to see "Beneath The Surface" and "Learning To Live" end the night.

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I hope a significant chunk of the show is dedicated to material from the new album. And, since they're bringing a young metal band out, I'm sure they can win some of their fans over by dusting off some heavy classics like The Glass Prison, Home, or anything off of Train Of Thought (aside from Endlessly Overplayed Sacrifice). I'd also like to see an instrumental with a Mangini drum solo in the middle, a la Ytse Jam on the summer tour.

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Hearing most of the album...saving FFH - BTS for when my cd arrives. It makes me sad they're not coming to Albuquerque or somewhere close this leg. Well, Hope they come on their 2nd leg, if they do it'd probably be at Santa Ana Star Center, or
better yet, Kiva Auditorium. Because The Pavilion is too big for them.

They better keep TGD, and TCOT.

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I suppose they'll take many songs out to make room for ADTOE's songs, but otherwise keep it much of the same. Unless they plan to make it longer, which is surprising but awesome.

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Really hard to say. I asked how long they were gonna play to Jordan on He answered, it will be a full DT concert.I cant wait for the 27th i have tickets in hand. So im thinking there will be a lot more to the show. The last set list was for the festivals they had only 1 1/2 i do believe of time to fit songs in. This is a actual tour not a tour of festivals. I would love to see trial of tears. I think that song is fricking bad ass. Speaking of live i heard the Live Budokan may be released on blue ray. Now that would be bad ass. Thats their best live dvd/cd. I think they captured that moment great. I thinking5 songs from the new cd and a good mix of older songs. Gonna be a great show. Cant wait.

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I think they'll probably keep the setlist mostly the same, minus The Count Of Tuscany. Add in 3-5 new songs, should be a pretty fun set.

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Now that it's clear JLB is more comfortable in his higher register than he has been since the early 90's, I think they need to bring back some older songs like To Live Forever and The Killing Hand. I really hope they bring back some songs on this tour that haven't been played in a long time. Even Take Away My Pain would be nice to hear for a change.

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SL needs to contain many ADTOE tracks. It imagine they will draw from previous material from BCSL, IAW, A, TOT, FII, SDOIT, SFAM, SC, and my favorite, O. OTHBOA is sure to be on the SL as it is the first single. We can sure use some witty banter from JM during the set. Cant wait to get my ADTOE BS from USPS ASAP!


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I'm hoping for a completely different setlist for the North American leg. I got meet and greet passes for the Oct. 12th show in NYC and I am pumped to see the beast known as Dream Theater!


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The Silent Cody, are you probably from Poland? :D If so, see you in Poznan!

As for the setlist, I'm sure they will play songs from ADToI. Maybe they'll want to keep some songs they played earlier in Europe, such as The Great Debate or Learning to Live/Metropolis. I'd love to hear them. Especially Metropolis, 'cause last time in Poland they chose LtL, so I hope they'll play Metropolis in Poznan. Also, I'd LOVE to hear Misunderstood.

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I doubt the new set will be the ever-changing ones of old, but I don't think they'll do the exact same set every night either. But a nice mix of old and new songs would be good :)

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I think that TMOLS should take a place.

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I think that the setlist will have more new songs obviously ;) and I count on some classics too, I don't think the setlist stay the same...

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I hope they play a good bit off the new album, however, I would seriously like to see some DT classics and MM's interpretation of those songs.

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I'm good with anything they play but I would would really like to see them play Wither. Wither has a very special meaning for me. BTW, I'll be at the Pittsburgh PA show.

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Well, I think, for obvious reasons, many ADToE songs will be on the set list. But I hope to listen Spirit Carries On, Octavarium and A Nightmare to Remember.

See you guys in Morristown and in NYC!!!!!!!!

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I think all the legs from now on will have more songs from ADToE, and the setlist will be slightly different in each city, like YtseTimes said there.

and I can't wait for Brazilian dates!

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Ok disregard my posts, mobile was being funny