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This shirt may be the greatest thing I have seen in my life

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on October 1, 2011 - 8:03pm

When I first saw this shirt, I was truly overwhelmed by how incredibly awesome it is. This thread is for those who love the shirt


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Just ordered the other tour shirt (third one in line). I will wait until they play Manchester to get the album cover shirt (if i can afford it) because i want the English tour dates on it. All great shirts.

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They did have this shirt last night in Chicago.. $40 for XXL.... I like the other two shirts better. Hoodie is actually pretty cool also...

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Hahahaha this is awesome!

I will buy it and go to work with! :D

InfraredDream's picture

It looks even better live :) My friend took it at Vancouver show and it looks awesome on him!

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can anyone else confirm you can't get this at shows? Don't want to wait til Feb and then see it's not there?

rinoRotti's picture

Great shirt, I love it!

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they didnt have this shirt at the sf show, so im assuming its an online thing. never know though.. was a little disappointed that the sweatshirt is $20 cheaper online :/ no surprise i least im supporting the best band in the world \m/

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Ok, I need to buy that shirt!

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i stopped buying tour shirts a few years ago but if/when DT tour OZ i'll definetly be getting one of these! :D
is it only available from the online store? or are they available on tour?

[b]RC Towers [/b] - it looks to me that JP is a bit like Conan the Barbarian :p

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I'm so gad to see this thread! I love this shirt and pushed for it! I think it is awesome and I look forward to seeing a lot of you folks wearing it!!! Good smile..... THANKS.

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Lol awesome. The little cartoony DT characters just get better and better :D

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I like it, might be the one I pick up on Tuesday night.

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Just viewed the shirt, and you are right, an awesome shirt. It shows the lighter side of DT. Looks like JL is a pirate, JR is the wizard, MM is a genie?, JM is a ninja? and JP is a Lightening striker? Do you know what MM, JM, and JP suppose to represent?