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What got you hooked on Dream Theater?

  • What got you hooked on Dream Theater?
    September 24, 2011 - 8:45pm

    What started the whole dream theater experience for you?

    For me it was Pull Me Under back in 1992....your ups.

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on September 24, 2011 - 8:45pm

What started the whole dream theater experience for you?

For me it was Pull Me Under back in 1992....your ups.

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I think I had heard their name being mentioned here and there, but not much more so I wasn't too attentive. I know at some point a guy who's videos I watched on YouTube was a big DT fan, and he had a pretty great taste in music so I decided to check them out. A couple of songs in and I was hooked. The first LP's I got were both Octavarium and Black Clouds, and I haven't looked back.

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I discovered six degrees of inner turbulence in 2002. Pretty soon I had bought all their albums, and nothing was nearly as important to me as music anymore. I was so inspired, moved, obsessed, lifted, changed, transformed, by their music. No band can truly be compared with DT. Technical stuff aside, they are extraordinarily creative musicians.

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[size=14]Funny thing, One day not too long ago, I was downloading Iron Maiden on Emusic. Below the Iron Maiden listing was a suggestion of other bands I may like, and low a behold Dream Theater was one of them. I downloaded the "Greatest Hit and 21 other pretty cool songs" CD first. I was hooked after the first listen. I now have almost every CD and DVD the band has put out.
I still like Maiden and all, but Dream Theater is my favorite. Now I just can't get enough Dream Theater - sorry Iron Maiden, I still love ya, but not quite a much. I am an old geezer too, I am 57 and hope to have the opportunity to see DT in Dallas on their next visit :D [/size]

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For me it was. Images And Words

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@Sleeper1928: Dude same here, Ii used to take guitar lessons but i found that my love for drums was greater. And i haven't look back since.

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Black clouds and silver linings had a different affect on me. this was my third album. i bought it because it had the additional instrumental tracks, and i knew from experience that their instrumentals are flippin fantastic. I first listened to it in my mom's car, and just being new to the band, I wasn;t sure how to lyrics would be, so I put in the instrumental CD. surprisingly, it was heavier and darker than I would have expected. and I can't believe they did this, the solos in the instrumental sections were taken out. Why DT? the only song that inspired me from the album was The Count of Tuscany. other than that my favorite songs on the album came from the cover album. I was shocked that the covers inspired me more than their own.

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@Thatguyjohnepps: Wow T.T this is like poetry.
The way I fell in love with DT is a little less romantic.
I listened to pull me under from Guitar Hero. and I loved the song. I loved to listen to it and it was fun to play. so I bought it.
I was listening to a lot of new stuff then so I was in FYE, and saw the album. I got the one that has pull me under on it, Images and Words. The songs that really stuck out to me were Take the Time, Metropolis pt one, the glass moon, and learning to live. Man that was my soundtrack for the fall of 2010. I listened to it all the time, whenever I could. and the one I loved the most was metropolis pt. one.
I remember seeing part 2 in fye that one time. i loved the first one so much, I wondered what the second one was like. Interested, I started reading about it on Wikipedia. That's when I discovered the whole Meta Album. How the albums from Metropolis pt 2 to Octavarium all connect. and that estounded me. And then i read about Octavarium and the mansoon of concept that was put into that album. I had to listen to it.
I got Octavarium first. and I loved it. The title track was simply beautiful. Even today it still inspires me.

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Discovered my love for DT in 2010. I heard of them before, and had played the bonus track "Pull Me Under" on Guitar Hero, and figured, hey this is cool. Until one fateful day in a Target store, I was looking for new music. I just happened to stumble onto BC&SL and said, "Why not?"

It's funny how the most influential part of the band to me, the drums, MP as a whole, had put out his last album, and that was the one I first listened to in its entirety. After awhile, I picked up ToT and Octavarium, and I couldn't stop buying their albums after that. I have every major studio album since '92 except for Infinity, and I listen to them so much that I just have to take a break.

Although there's always part of me that wishes that when I was 16 back in '02 that I had listened to them sooner. My view on music would have been way different. Instead of going through a punk phase, I would have started the Dream Theater revolution. I can say now, that after ditching guitar and picking up drumsticks, that I'm still happy with what has become of my musical vision.

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@Thatguyjohnepps: Awesome. Reading that made me shudder.....because I can relate.

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I didn't care much for DT a couple years ago, but somehow I knew they were a great band so I bought a ticket to a concert here, in Mexico. I had a couple cd's and acquired ADTOE to "prepare" myself for the show, but still, the majority of their music remained a mistery to me. Damnit, I didn't even know their names!!! I didn't know Portnoy had left and what he meant to the band!!! That concert was what got me hooked on them, I bought every cd and dvd they'd released in the next months after attending their gig and here I am. Longing for their next release :)

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How I discovered dream theater is sad. But I've atoned for what I've done.

Like a shit head I found dream theater through rock band 2 where panic attack was the 2nd hardest song (2nd hardest my ass that shit blows away painkiller on every level)

But I didn't start listening to them for quite some time. I continued with loving Metallica, and all those other thrash metal bands.

Well one day my best friend played a nightmare to remember.

At first when he told me about the songs length I was like "who the FUCK has time to listen to that."

And then the thunder roared.

The rain pelted down, setting the scene for a dark and mysterious encounter.

And then the keyboard played.

One of the creepiest riffs I had heard to that point.

Then BAM.

like a roar of thunder everything started.

The kick drums flying fast

The guitar heavy and haunting

The bass bitter sweet and cold

The keyboards still creepy

I WAS ADDICTED. I hadn't hear such a god damn wonderful piece of music.

I then downloaded everything I could find.

Locked myself in my room for 3 days, listened to every album I could.

I then taught myself everything I know about music theory off of dream theater songs.

How to write, record, and play in standard and odd time signatures.

How to count.

Melody, rhythm, and the art of soloing.
all my technical abilities as a guitarist have been taught by starting with razors edge, the spirit carries on, and the count of Tuscany, 1 year later evolving into breaking all illusions, as I am, beyond this life, and a rite of passage.

Dream theater, you changed me as a person, and a musician.

Where I saw no progress, and hopelessness as a musician, you lite the volcano inside me.

I don't listen to any other band but dream theater, because every song is different.

How one band has that ability to write a different sound every song, is beyond me.

All I know is,

It all started, with that one thunder strike, to light the fire.

To this day, a nightmare to remember may not be my favorite song by dream theater.

But that thunder

It still gets me.

Every time.

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I first got into Dream Theater in 2006. When I was at school a friend sent me "A Change of Seasons"

I was really impressed by it and decided to do research on the band and find more songs.

By 2007 I found some videos from the Score Tour, I love all the songs, specially The Spirit Carries On.

From There I purchased my first 2 albums "Awake" & "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance"

Since then I've purchased all the albums and can't wait for their new one.

I didn't know they were touring in 2012 in the UK until I decided to look on this website.

My top 11 songs I listen to still everyday are:

The Spirit Carries On
Finally Free
Beneath The Surface
Silent Man
Another Day
On The Backs of Angels
Far From Heaven
I Walk Beside You
One Last Time

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Hello everyone...glad to be a new member....I remember back, I think it was 1994, where I read a reveiw for the Live At the Marquee album where it specifically was saying "Buying the album is like making a gift to yourself". So I decided to spent the money and purchased it...from the first moments of "Metropolis Prt.1" I knew I had something different in my hands. From then, DT has been a big part in my life and hopefully they will be for many years to come. They have never let me down....

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My Dad's best friend's son copied an album for me in early 2011. It was the Train Of Thought album. As soon as me and Dad placed it in the car's CD player..well..that was it. Since then..nothing else has played in the car except DT, and we have almost all of their albums.

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Pull Me Under - heard it on the radio in early 90's. Then I saw the 6:00 video on MTV Metal show (or maybe it was "Caught In A Web?") and later bought the Awake CD which I wore out!

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By 2005 I meant 1995.....

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Someone handed me a tape of awake somewhere during 2005, saying: "you should check this out. It is a bit strange and soft (him being a diehard metal fan) but it's musical." By the time the album hit voices an the "a mind..." three-piece I was hooked, never to release me ever since. I am also grateful for them leading me to prog classics as early yes an PF, as well as fusion and jazz and more recent prog artist. They inspire me as a musician to always reach that extra bit, and as a person to look beyond and be ready for the unexpected. I cincerely hope to grow old with their music an I am looking forward to many albums to come!

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as a kid i always wanted more from life but i never know how to get it......... until i heard "change of season" right from the start
i knew that i'd discoverd the true essence of life and i'm proud to say that DREAM THEATER changed my life!!!!!

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For me, I owe it all to my son! He was searching the web for guitarists to assist him in teaching himself to play guitar. He stumbled upon Petrucci. Having never heard of him, he Googled and lo and behold, several DT fanatics were born. After listening to several songs, he talked me into buying "Live at Budokan" in DVD format. Before we had watched half of it, I was hooked. Coming from a musical family - classical to metal, I recognized the sheer talent I was watching. I have never looked back, being the "unofficial DT researcher" for any info on the guys and relate to family & friends! Hey, maybe we are a small but intense fan club! Music is part of my soul and-my family's, s and we are truly moved, many times, to unashamed tears of pure delight while listening to our guy's. Keep the Dream Alive!

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I was a late bloomer.

As early as the late 80's/early 90's I remember reading people like Rush's Alex Lifeson raving about Dream Theater, but for some reason I associated them with the rather flaccid 80's synth band Dream Academy ("Life in a Northern Town") and couldn't understand what rockers saw in them.

It was only in early 2007 that I got ahold of a Prog Rock Magazine (primarily for articles about Yes and Tool) that I read about Dream Theater. The magazine also had a list of the top 20 (or so) concept albums of all time, and Scenes from a Memory was #1. I proceeded to iTunes and downloaded their latest album ([b]Octavarium[/b]--this was a few months before [b]Systematic Chaos [/b]was released), and after one listening through "The Root of All Evil" I was hooked. By the end of "Octavarium" I was in tears for the sheer beauty of the album (and already downloading my next DT album)!

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In 1994, my brother and I were living together for a while, he listened to alot of bands, and alot of them I wasn't into. One day, he was listening to DT in his room, I walked past and heard them. I just remember saying "My God, who is this?" He let me borrow I&W, in which I just fell in love with Surrounded and I was thinking what a voice this guy has!! Then the brother got me Awake for my birthday, and I listened to just I&W and Awake for the longest time. It has since been an 18 year "love affair" with these guys!!!

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My drum teacher introduced me and my mom to Dream Theater in 1995. My mom bought Images & Words, Awake, and A Change of Seasons. I overheard her playing them and it wasn't long before I was borrowing her CDs. They've been my favorite band ever since.

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Mike Portnoy Saved The Day For Me And Now I Am Obsessed, Just Like Him. Just Love, Love DT.
Say No More, Mike Portnoy Live Forever, Love You Man, MP forever.......................

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Back in 2000, I was obsessed with this PC game and was playing it online for up to 14 hrs/day. I knew everyone that played, but had 1 friend that I became close with and we would chat and send songs back and forth to each other. He was from Scottland. He sent me "Peruvian Skies". I didn't have any idea who DT was at that time, but after listening to "Peruvian Skies", I went out and bought the Falling Into Infinity CD. I loved every song on that CD. At the time I was introduced to DT, I was going through a great deal of difficulties in my life. I honestly believe that DT's music helped me to endure this tough time. DT's music was inspiration for me to carry on. Since then, I've become a loyal DT fan and collected all their works. I am still hurt about the things that happened back at that time, but listening to not only theirs music, but the lyrics, somehow showed me ways to understand, accept and view life from a different perspective. I could write a book about this topic.

Thank you Dream Theater, for your message to me, from the bottom of my soul.

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Late bloomer, here. Picked up [i]Octavarium[/i] as a what-the-heck purchase (along with the sucky [i]Curb[/i] by Nickelback, but that's another story!) because I was intrigued as to the concept of an album with a 25 minute song on it. I play [i]Curb[/i] that night, feel the urge to vomit after hearing it, swear never to listen to it again... where was I? Oh, yeah. I then put on [i]Octavarium[/i]... within one minute fall hopelessly in love with DT, swear to father children from each and every band member, and since I have no idea how that will be physically possible for a dude to achieve I then compromise by making a vow to amass as much DT stuff as I can. It's been almost six years for me.

Has this gotten weird?



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JP's guitar playing...

My buddy Steve knew I liked to rock out to great guitar players. He played me some of SFAM and I really liked the heavier guitar oriented parts. That put them on my radar, but I didn't get into them until JP out shined Satch and Vai with his virtuosity during a G3 show. I'm a Satch fan, but I had to admit this guy Petrucci really stole the show. I picked up IAW, and Awake in a used CD store and was hooked. I thought that stuff was the best and then my buddy also gave me a copy of Train of Thought when it came out. (I ended up buying it by the way). The heaviness and virtuosity got me into their prog and then other bands like Rush, Yes, Neal Morse, etc.

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First heard WDADU back in 1989 & remember being greatly impressed. Lost touch with what DT were doing after that until 2007 when I picked up a copy of Systematic Chaos. Totally blew my mind, so have spent the last few years picking up their back catalogue, & will finally get to see them this February at Wembley, England. CAN'T WAIT!!!

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Ah this is ridiculous...a new boy started at my school nearly 2 and a half years ago, for the first day he hung around with me and my friends because we invited him to and no-one else had yet. We asked him what music he listened to and he said Dream Theater. None of us had heard of them and it kind of for forgotten because the next day he stayed with other people.
Anyway about a year later I was getting incredibly bored with all the music I was listening to, so grasping at straws for what to listen to I remembered DT, had no idea who they were at all so I went on to iTunes and bought the top 2 songs there and then-Panic Attack and To Live Forever. Wasn't a great fan of To Live Forever (although I am now) but Panic Attack was just unlike anything I'd ever heard! A few months later I bought Octavarium and was just completely blown away, I loved every track instantly. Haven't looked back!

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It was really weird for me because back in 1995 I didn´t even know they existed, then one day I was just walking and going somewhere I can´t remember now and I heard this really hot girl talking wonders about this band called Dream Theater. She was saying it was the best alternative metal she's ever heard and she was really excited because she had just bought "Awake". I was intrigued enough to look them up and listen to some of their stuff. 16 Years after that, well, here I am. Still hooked thanks to that girl. By the way, 4 years after that I married her ;)