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  • BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL (LIVE FROM THE BOSTON OPERA HOUSE), a live Blu-Ray / DVD set of the band’s one-of-a-kind performance from the Boston Opera House on March 25, 2014, is here!  Produced by the band’s own John Petrucci, BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL (LIVE FROM THE BOSTON OPERA HOUSE) is over 2 hours long, capturing the special evening and featuring guest performances from The Berklee College of Music Orchestra and Choir. The collection comes in multiple configurations including Blu-Ray, a 2-DVD set, and a Roadrunner Records webstore...
    Great news for all you Dream Theater fans… the test pressings for both Awake and Falling Into Infinity have officially been approved and we are in the final stages of production. We can’t think of a better way to follow the overwhelming response to our 2nd pressing of Scenes From A Memory than with two more incredible Dream Theater titles.
    Brookvale Records and Enjoy The Ride Records...
  • We're pleased to announce the release of Jordantron!
    This is the first time Jordan Rudess, best known as the keyboardist for Dream Theater, has released a complete set of his exclusive sounds to the public. Jordantron will turn your iPad into the grandest and most epic sounding instrument ever!
  • Dream Theater is thrilled to announce that they are coming to Tokyo! Meet and Greet VIP packages and tickets are available now! We can’t wait to see you!
    ドリーム・シアターが東京にやって来ることを喜んでお知らせします! ミート&グリートVIPパッケージとチケットただ今発売中! 早く皆に会いたい!
  • The DT tour has added 2 more dates. Another Buenos Aires date has been added and Seoul has been announced. We are now on sale with both. 
    11/27 // Buenos Aires // Mandarine Park (we aren’t selling tickets)
    Buenos Aires! Due to popular demand, DT is adding another date at Madarine Park. Meet and Greet VIP packages are on sale now on our site!
  • Available September 30th, Pre-Order Dream Theater's 'Breaking The Fourth Wall' Blu-Ray or DVD set now featuring their performance at the Boston Opera House with very special guests from the Berklee College of Music. out Strange Deja-Vu from 'Breaking The Fourth Wall'