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  • Hi all,
    We are back from an incredibly exausting trip in & out of Korea for the live debut of "Dream Theater 2000"!
    Well, the whole experience was nothing short of unusual....

    For starters, this was the very 1st Rock festival EVER in the country of Korea.
    (which also made it the "biggest" concert event as well..)

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Dream Theater's upcoming masterpiece was finished at 2am on August 26th, 1999. The final touches at mastering have been done, and the album was delivered to the record company the following morning. The album is now ready for production, and will be released on October 26th, 1999. Kevin Shirley has been mixing a lot of the songs as well, so the...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • CDnow is currently taking pre-orders for Dream Theater's upcoming masterpiece, which will be released on Tuesday, October 26th, 1999.

    Click here to order the album

    Jul 04, 11.
  • The first single from Dream Theater's upcoming "Scenes From A Memory" CD is the track "HOME". It will be available to US rock radio for impact beginning on Monday October 11th 1999. If you'd like to hear it, call your local station and DEMAND it!!!!

    Jul 04, 11.
  • On Tuesday, October 26th, 1999 (the release date of "Scenes From A Memory"), Dream Theater (minus John Petrucci) will be doing an autograph session at Sam Goody in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, LI. This event will take place between 6 and 8pm. John Petrucci won't be able to be there, since he is giving a guitar clinic in Italy that day...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory

    1. Regression
    2. Overture 1928
    3. Strange Deja Vu
    4. Through My Words
    5. Fatal Tragedy
    6. Beyond This Life
    7. Through Her Eyes
    8. Home
    9. The Dance of Eternity
    10. One Last Time
    11. The Spirit Carries On

    Jul 04, 11.
  • On Saturday night, October 30th, 1999, Mike Portnoy will be doing three radio appearances in the New York / New Jersey area (all times are approximate and subject to change).

    8 pm - WSOU 89.5
    You can listen to this station online with RealPlayer. Visit WSOU's website for details....

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Darren "The Badger" Redick will be dedicating an hour of his radio show to "Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes From A Memory" on Wednesday, November 3rd, from 10 pm GMT (5 pm EST) on the internet radio station Rock Radio Network.

    The show will be interspersed with an interview with James LaBrie, recorded by phone on Friday, October, 22nd. James will...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • "Frontman James LaBrie recently spoke with Space In Your Face radio on CKMS in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario regarding DREAM THEATER's touring plans in support of their latest epic, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory: "What we want to do in the new year, we want to go out with a huge...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Here is a note from Marco Petrini of the "Italian Dreamers" fanclub:

    Hi all,

    as every year, Italian Dreamers Fan Club has organized the 4th DT Party in Italy.

    This party will be in Rome the day before DT Show, on 10 april at the "H.M. Rock Cafe"

    The name of this party is "Scenes from a Night" and it will start at 9:00 Pm...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Here is a message from Savvas Stanis of the Greek Dream Theater fanclub:

    The Official Greek Dream Theater Fan Club is organizing a Dream Theater Party on Thursday the 13th of July -just a day before Dream Theater's show at RockWave Festival with Iron Maiden- in Athens. The Party will take place at the Club "REVENGE OF ROCK" -OFRR- (34...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Here is a message from the Dream Theater International Fan Club:

    On October 14th Dream Theater will play the Maaspoort in Den Bosch Holland. Prior to their gig we are currently organizing a convention that will take place from 1 PM until 6 PM (doors close at 5 PM!), also in the Maaspoort. It will be a pleasant gathering of fans. The total...

    Jul 04, 11.