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  • Announcing the OFFICIAL 6DoIT release party in Houston, Texas!

    Who: All Dream Theater Fans
    What: CD Release Party
    Diamondhead Records
    5010 Louetta Rd just west of Kuykendahl
    Spring, Texas, just north of Houston
    Tuesday, January 29, 2002
    7:00 PM
    You need a reason?...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Darren Badger Redick will be airing a three hour feature on Dream Theater on Thursday, January 31st, across the UK and Europe on Total Rock (Sky Digital channel 885 or The show starts at 9pm GMT (London time) and will include an interview with Mike Portnoy. They will also be...

    Jul 04, 11.
    This Saturday, February 2nd 7:30 PM PST (10:30 Eastern)

    This week PapaJ's Matinee will feature the just released 6DoIT by Dream Theater played in it's entirety. You can tune in to the broadcast with Real Player, and also join in the chatroom conversation. Also featured will be taped...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Dream Theater's new 2-CD studio album "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" has finally reached the number one spot (January 29th) in CDNow's Top 100.

    Order NOW to help Dream Theater stay at #1!

    Jul 04, 11.
  • - The Canadian release date for Dream Theater's new 2-CD studio album "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" is February 12th, 2002. You can pre-order the album now at Canadian music store

    - The Japanese version of "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" contains the radio edit version of "Solitary Shell" as a bonus track, a 2002 mini-...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • This week (Issue Date: February 16, 2002) "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" entered the Billboard Top 200 at number 46 and the BillBoard Top Internet Albums chart at number one!

    In 1999 "Scenes From A Memory" entered the Billboard Top 200 at 73.

    Additionally, Not only is Dream Theater's new 2-CD studio album "Six Degrees Of Inner...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • The Limited Edition Boxset of "Live Scenes From New York" that is currently available at CDNOW is an extremely limited Official Warners boxset which includes the original artwork with the burning apple on both the box itself as well as the CD cover. Also included in the box is a T-shirt. The CD's are packaged in a standard double jewel case. The...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • On August 8th, 2002, the following press release was sent out to 5,000 entertainment media contacts nationwide, including radio, TV and print, as well as all the entertainment news online databases and sites.


    AUGUST 8, 2002 -- DREAM THEATER's 2002 U.S. co-...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • One Way Records will be releasing a deluxe limited edition digipak version of Dream Theater's debut album "When Dream And Day Unite" on March 12th, 2002. The album will be remastered using 32-bit technology. There will only be 10000 copies of the limited edition available worldwide. These will be numbered in gold foil. The CD itself will be a...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • The following information regarding the 32-bit remaster of "When Dream And Day Unite" comes from Eddie Wilner of One Way Records:

    Dream Theater fans will be happy to know a remastered version of When Dream And Day Unite will be available in standard jewel box which will contain the original 12 page color booklet from the Mechanic Records...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • On November 1st, 2002, Warner Bros. Publications released a transcription book of Dream Theater's latest 2CD studio release "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence".

    The book contains complete transcriptions (guitar and vocals) to all the songs on this double CD set. Including: The Glass Prison, Blind Faith, Misunderstood, The Great Debate,...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Warner Brothers Publications has released an exceptionally well written book on singing, entitled "Pro Secrets Of Heavy Rock Singing". The book was written by Bill Martin, a well versed individual when it comes to techniques of singing.

    James LaBrie is interviewed in this book as well as quoted in almost every chapter. The other singers...

    Jul 04, 11.