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  • On Thursday, April 19th, CDnow started shipping the "Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York" DVD. Those who pre-ordered "Metropolis 2000" with the overnight shipping option are already receiving it!

    If you don't have a DVD player, the NTSC VHS of "Metropolis 2000" is...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • "Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York" is this month's #1 Top Selling music DVD at! Their Top Seller lists are updated on the first Monday evening of the month.

    The DVD has also entered Billboard's Top Music Video chart at number 5! (Issue Date: May 12, 2001)

    Jul 04, 11.
  • During a question and answer session at the Your Majesty Convention on Saturday, May 19th, in Paris, Mike Portnoy had the following news:

    * 80% of the music for the new Dream Theater album is done.
    * Five songs have been recorded so far (total of 55 minutes worth).
    * John Myung will be playing an 8 string bass on some...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Elektra will be issuing a new Dream Theater Live 3 CD set on September 18th, 2001, entitled "Live Scenes From New York". It will be the *complete* show recorded at Roseland Ballroom in New York City on August 30th, 2000, in its entirety from start to finish.

    Track listing is:

    Set 1: (Scenes From A Memory)

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Mike Portnoy recently released the following information:

    - Six songs have been recorded for the new Dream Theater studio album.

    - Not all of the recorded material will fit on one CD.

    - No lyrics were written yet when the band finished recording. The lyrics will be written during the current break. Once again,...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Dream Theater's 3-CD live album "Live Scenes From New York" entered CDNow's TopSellers list at number 19, and made it all the way up to number 2 on August 12th!

    You can pre-order the album here to keep the momentum going.

    Jul 04, 11.
  • According to Dream Theater's record label, they are aiming to re-release the remastered PAL DVD of "Metropolis 2000" on September 10th, 2001, simultaneously with the release of the 3-CD live album.

    On the right you can see the sticker that will be on the box under the shrink wrap to assure that you are purchasing the "correct" version.

    Jul 04, 11.
  • We are all OK....
    We began mixing yesterday in NYC and all went home last night after the sessions. The only people still in NYC this morning are James and Kevin Shirley who are both OK...

    Our sessions today are obviously cancelled as NYC is sealed shut and we will return to NYC to continue whenever it re-opens.

    In regard to the...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • We are still waiting for an official decision and an announcement from the band and label whether or not "Live Scenes From New York" will be recalled and replaced with a different cover.

    However, certain chains have decided by themselves to not carry the CD with its current artwork.

    CDnow, for instance, has (temporarily) removed "Live...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • The release date for Live Scenes from New York in the US has been changed from October 16th to October 23rd. The re-release of "Live Scenes From New York" is now available for pre-ordering at CDnow and ...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • In DREAM THEATER news, the band's latest release, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Elektra) is recorded, mixed and mastered. All that awaits is its January release date. "We're going on a year-long tour in January to support this double album," says Jordan Rudess, keyboard player in the band. "We'll be hitting Europe at the end of January and the...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Here are a few tentative release dates for "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence":

    Thursday, January 17th, 2002

    Monday, January 21st, 2002

    Monday, January 21st, 2002 ("unofficial")

    Monday, January 21st, 2002 ("unofficial")

    Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002...

    Jul 04, 11.