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  • The setlist for the Europian "Fix for '97" tour was exactly the same as the one for the US "Fix for '96" tour. Here is the setlist as it was posted on the Ytsejam mailinglist :

    A.C.O.S. -- 1 (The Crimson Sunrise)
    A.C.O.S. -- 2 (Innocence)
    The Mirror/Lie
    Burning My Soul
    Another Hand/Killing Hand
    Just Let Me...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • Well, this is gonna be short but I wanted to post a couple things that I found out last night in talking to Mike. First off, the B-sides for Hollow Years are gonna be You or Me (the pre-Desmond Child version of You Not Me) and I believe Where Are You Now.

    (Turned out to be 'The Way It Used To Be')

    Also, within the next 24 hours or so...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • Hey Guys!

    Everything is going great...Here's the latest to report.
    We finally have:
    1. ALBUM TITLE - "Falling into Infinity" and
    2. RELEASE DATE - September 23rd

    7 songs have been completed so far:

    1. You Not Me (originally "You or Me", then "It's All About You" but now.....)
    2. Burning My Soul

    Jul 05, 11.
  • Hello All!!
    Well after 2 months of seriously intense work, our new album is FINALLY finished!!!!
    It is amazing!!! (If I may say so myself!)
    Here are the final details which you can pass onto the world & beyond:

    Dream Theater - "Falling Into Infinity"
    Produced by Kevin Shirley
    Release date - Tuesday,...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • Dream Theater placed in the top 10 bands in the Metal Edge Reader Polls, and Derek placed #3 for keyboards.

    Mike Portnoy recently won two categories in Modern Drummer's annual Readers Poll. This year, Mike won the "Progressive Rock" category (4th year in a row), along with the "Recorded Performance" category for "Falling Into Infinity"....

    Jul 05, 11.
  • The two work titles for 'Falling Into Infinity' were :

    - Stream Of Conciousness
    - Shattered Calm

    Produced by Kevin Shirley
    Release date US - Tuesday, September 23rd 1997
    Everywhere else - Friday, September 19th 1997

    CD tracklisting:

    1. New Millennium (8:20)
    2. You Not Me (4:58)...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • Howdy all!
    I've been busy at work in the studio with Kevin Shirley mixing the live album.
    (More details on that to come real soon....)
    Here's the latest:

    Mike Portnoy Drum Clinics:
    Tues July 14th - Daddy's - Nashua, New Hampshire
    Wed. July 15th - Daddy's - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    Mon July 20th - Guitar...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • Those of you familiar with London's Rock Radio Network and their mailinglist, have probably read the following 'news item' :

    DREAM THEATER's Mike Portnoy told London's Rock Radio Network yesterday that the band's current tour with Deep Purple and ELP may be their last. In...
    Jul 05, 11.
  • Hi!
    I know these have been floating around for a while now, but we only just received the latest "official" itinerary....
    So here it is.....

    Deep Purple / ELP / Dream Theater
    Tues Aug 4th - Cumberland City Civic - Portland, ME
    Thurs Aug 6th - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ
    Fri Aug 7th - Meadow Music Theater...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • New Italian Progressive Rock magazine ['mju:zik] (Italian and English version available) will have a 16 page Dream Theater supplement in their second issue, which will be out in mid June. The supplement will contain a biography, reviews, photos and interviews. For annual subscribers, there's also a contest with lots of Dream Theater prizes (T-...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • On October 3rd, 1998, Italian Dreamers will organize a Dream Theater party entitled "DT day". The party will take place at the Keller Pub at Bergamo 32 in Curno.

    There will be a preview of five or six songs off "Once in a LIVEtime". A couple of bands will be covering Dream Theater songs, followed by a "Mega-Jam-Session" with members from...

    Jul 05, 11.
  • On the morning of October 14th, Rena Petrucci gave birth to a healthy baby girl, named Kiara.

    Jul 05, 11.