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  • DTIFC has notified its members of the delayed Xmas CD by sending them a postcard. This card has been sent out on March 8th and mentions an expected shipping date of March/April, as well as important messages about payments.

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Here is an announcement from the official French Dream Theater fanclub Your Majesty:

    "The Dream Theater French official fanclub, Your Majesty, will hold its 2nd convention on May, Saturday 19th, in Paris (venue : Elysee Montmartre). Mike Portnoy will specially take a break in the recording of the new album to attend the convention.


    Jul 04, 11.
  • Sunday April 29 - 9.00pm
    will take place the 5th national subscribers convention of Italian Dreamers.

    "Strange Deja Vu"
    Official Dream Theater Party

    the venue is:
    "The Monet"
    Traditional Belgian Pub
    Via Losanna, 35
    47900 Rimini

    Highlight of the evening:
    View on megascreen of...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Nicole Stachowicz (DTIFC/USA) will be organizing a "Metropolis 2000" DVD release party in Houston, Texas, on April 24th:

    It's official! Set your calendars for Tuesday, April 24 for a night of Dream Theater indulgence! (And a little cake, too!) We'll hold the Houston, Texas Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory DVD release party at Diamondhead...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • The Official Greek DT Fan Club is organizing its 3rd convention on Sunday 20th May 2001. The event will be hosted at CAMEL CLUB in Athens and opening time was set at 21:00.

    All members of the Fan Club will have 1000 DRS discount on the original entrance price, on the production of their member card.

    There will be two live appearances...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Finally, here is the information you have all been waiting for:

    The upcoming Dream Theater DVD / video release will be called "METROPOLIS 2000: Scenes From New York".

    As already reported, the tentative release dates are:

    Europe: Monday, February 26th, 2001
    USA: Tuesday, February 27th, 2001

    The contents of the VHS...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Hi all,
    Just wanted to fill y'all in:

    Dream Theater will enter Bear Tracks studios in New York at the beginning of next month (March 2001) to begin work on the follow up to "Scenes From A Memory". The new album will once again be self-produced and the band will once again be using engineer Doug Oberkircher who has worked with the band...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • Here is a press release from Mike Portnoy about the upcoming "Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York" DVD release:

    I am extremely sorry to announce that due to errors in the DVD authoring process, the release date of Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York has once again been delayed to April 24th, 2001.

    I am furious over these errors...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • As mentioned in the DVD delay press release, the new tentative release date for the "Metropolis 2000" DVD is April 24th, 2001. The record label still wants to release the DVD and VHS simultaneously, which means the VHS will be released on April 24th as well.

    CDNow is currently cancelling all pre-orders, and other online stores are expected...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • There have been reports from Norway and France that there are synchronization problems with the PAL version of the "Metropolis 2000" DVD. Apparently, the audio is a slightly out of synchronization with the video, especially during "Scenes From A Memory".

    We do not know if all PAL versions are affected by this problem. It may or may not be...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • On Thursday, April 19th, CDnow started shipping the "Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York" DVD. Those who pre-ordered "Metropolis 2000" with the overnight shipping option are already receiving it!

    If you don't have a DVD player, the NTSC VHS of "Metropolis 2000" is...

    Jul 04, 11.
  • "Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York" is this month's #1 Top Selling music DVD at! Their Top Seller lists are updated on the first Monday evening of the month.

    The DVD has also entered Billboard's Top Music Video chart at number 5! (Issue Date: May 12, 2001)

    Jul 04, 11.